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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I: Commencement

I'm pleased to start this chronicles on the best day of my life. Yesterday I slept as an undergraduate, but today I sleep as a graduate.
5years in Covenant University is finally over.
Bachelors in Engineering
Second class honours (upper division)
It looked like it was gonna be longer than this when we tried to picture this end way back on October 17, 2010 when we started this journey, but see what God has done....look at where we are now, see how the heavens are smiling on us, see how the earth is rejoicing with us, family and friends pretty excited, and for us the centre of attraction: our joy knows no bounds!
Many started the race, but only the chosen made it to the end.

After a convocation ceremony that lasted about 7hours, I finally....
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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Loading....100% | COMPLETE

I saw this day 100 days ago when I started this journey
I saw this hour when this vision was conceived
I saw this moment when I would breast the tape
I'm excited tonight because I'm at the finish line
This is the dream
And God put life to it

I remember that one night that I was chatting with my roomie - Reme - while I was out of the room, he brought up this intiative and I couldn't resist getting on board.

The concept of 100days at the lobby was more than fresh!!
I felt like the king of branding that I am when it jumped on me.

Where was I 100days ago?
Where am I now?
I have attracted ur audience
U guys watched me grow
U guys witnessed my evolution
U have understood me better
U have believed me more
U have stood by me
Ur impression of me I believe has gotten better

A-Z LIFE LESSONS was a mere dream then
All I had were manuscripts
I had passion, I was filled with energy
With God on my side
About half a mill gone down on the project already
And yeah!!! The printer delivered tonight
1,000copies in print already

Myne, u brought me to the spotlight
Harry, ur support was unrelenting
Dew, it's been a pleasure knowing u
Bonnie, u remain ever sweet
Dammie, queen of the underground
NakedSha, God bless u 4 real!!
Jaycee, d spiricoc blogger...nice knowing u
Juanita, there's no day I don't remember that powerful poem u wrote me
Simi, u always special
Funeh, it's been fun running 100days concurrently
Reme, u always my bro
EIE babes...Emem, Stef!!!!!, KemBols, Ednaway,
Dayo-data, thanks 4 keeping d database intact
D.Mac mi!!!! Always luv u
Interesting followers that appreciate my thing....LDP, Nice Anon, Dami (c ya 2mrw!)
Other followers of this blog that I never got to meet.
The unknown private followers I wish I could see....merci b

I miss this blog already!!!!

Tomorrow I blog as a graduate
For 40days I will tell my story
For 40days I will yet water my seed
At the end of 40days I watch what the one who giveth seed to the sower, bread for food and causes the harvest of our righteouness to grow will do.

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