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Saturday, July 3, 2010

I: Commencement

I'm pleased to start this chronicles on the best day of my life. Yesterday I slept as an undergraduate, but today I sleep as a graduate.
5years in Covenant University is finally over.
Bachelors in Engineering
Second class honours (upper division)
It looked like it was gonna be longer than this when we tried to picture this end way back on October 17, 2010 when we started this journey, but see what God has done....look at where we are now, see how the heavens are smiling on us, see how the earth is rejoicing with us, family and friends pretty excited, and for us the centre of attraction: our joy knows no bounds!
Many started the race, but only the chosen made it to the end.

After a convocation ceremony that lasted about 7hours, I finally....
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dew said...

congrats Engr Tolu!!! I knw u'll stick with GOD, bcos this is just the beginning.
thank GOD book sales are coming up!!!!! :)

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