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Friday, April 30, 2010



Interesting day
0520 - Up early for this morning's ish. Speaking went on well..but it was one of those talks that left me with that "time was too short" "I could have said more" feeling.

1000 - Spoke with Seun - FD's guy - he was quite receptive, got his email ad, sent him my PDF...he replied and promised to do his bit. I'm quite positive about this one.

1500 - Academics. Sat down to read!!!! Thank God for that grace, studying has not been coming off easy these days...buh this one made sense.

1800 - Concept meeting, my peeps dulled so it didnt happen

1830 - Was chillin in hosp office and I had to get something from shopping mall, so I went downstairs, got what I wanted, walked out of shopping mall. On my way out, I ran into that demon, and I walked past him only for him to tap me and he goes
"Are u a student?"
"Better go inside the barber's shop now n shave that thing"
pauses and I was about to walk out..
"Infact, I've changed my mind, follow me"
leads me to revo office arena, and as we got there, a random guy approached us and he tells the guy
"give him an offence form, I'm coming back to get it now"
he walks away...
Then the dude starts laughing only for him to tell me he has no affliation wit the Rev squad...ope o!!! Immediately, I disappear and that's how God delivered me from the claws of the evil one! Audi oshi!!!

1900 - No confidence to attend W.H.I.T.E..so I returned to my hall.

2200 - Checked my email n behold...Mr Leke Alder!!!!!!
I'm still caught up in the euphoria of reading him! Wha did he say? He didnt give me what I wanted, but he made it clear that what I wanted wasn't what I needed and he commended my efforts sha...I'm looking forward to having him around for the book launch. I have high hopes on that one!

In conclusion..I discovered one truth today. Buki is a DODO!!!!

If P.Diddy could do this on tweeter, then I should join him in paying respect to the late DAGRIN....R.I.P!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010



0525 - Woke up early to set out for my early morning meeting. Decided to close my eyes for 5 more minutes, and that was the end of the outing.

0745 - Up again, listened to some mp3s to get inspiration from the words of my mentors.

1100 - Class was hell today men! Can't even talk about it....the lecturer, the test, the lecture....argghhhh!!!!

So we heard 100 n 200level students tried to mess with the Chancellor, and its quite unfortunate...school's gonna be hot again for a couple of days/weeks.

1700 - In readiness for the heat, I finally had to shave!

1800 - Spent quality time gisting with God..quite refreshing!

1920 - I spoke with FD's PA 2day and things are lookin promising from that end.

2000 - Went to library hoping to get inspiration for the loads of pending articles I need to write for 2 different magazines and some farewell ish..I've been delayin those things for too long now...so I run into L.B and that was the end of writing o...so she treated me to some quality gists till library closed..lol...nice time!

Jst got back 4rm my graphics guy, front cover is hawt!!!! ouch! e bad gan!

I'm speaking by 5:30am in the morning, no concrete notes yet..hmnn....God dey!

"You cannot enjoy true riches until you are faithful. Faithfulness is the ability to inspire trust in God so that God knows that anything he passes through you will not get stuck in you. You need to assure God that you are a channel, not a bucket."

Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Today was basically an A-Z day! That was all I had in my mind.

0500 - Must have woken up like 3 different times after I dozed off some minutes after midnight, kept on refreshing my blogger home page with no luck loading the page.
Around this time my yahoo mail finally opened and I sent the mails I wanted to send to my mentors.

0800 - Walked into class some minutes after my lecturer did, picked a test script and I wasn't so impressed with my average score. I was just off. The guy kept on dictating and I knew writing notes wasn't my thing this morning so I picked up my iPod and I started learning at the foot of Mr Alder, it was quite refreshing.

This is the stage when I need to start giving serious thoughts to sales, distribution and marketing of my book, and reading Mr Alder was quite helpful.

1000 - First lecture ended and we were heading to chapel for the second class of the day. I was lucky to be in the company of Mr Mitre, and our conversation was one due in season. We talked at length about strategic market entries, we weighed so many options...our talk lasted the length of our 1hour lecture -didn't hear nada in that class. Conclusion is these things change one's life and I'm not sure I'm set for that change before my final exams....so, my book should be ready for May 16 when circulation will start is where uncertainty lies.
Our talk extended to other issues, and in a way I'm beginning to understand what July might look like. God keep me till then!

1400 - God reassured me again that he's behind me. From no where a guy that has contacts of one of my mentor's PA came online and by God's grace I should be calling her up tomorrow.
This is the same way God proved himself over the issue of who was going to do graphics for me, the 2 guys I was considering were just MIA for no reason the week I was going to sign that deal and God brought Rebirth Media my way n wat can I say....his touch is exceptional!

1800 - Midweek communion service. I was glad I brought some issues and laid them down at God's feet and the answers are already speaking.

1945 - Great soccer evening, Jose Mourinho has proven himself again! Can't wait for the league finals.

Dew got me thinking earlier on what to be grateful to God for and I'm happy this post came with testimonies.

I have a speaking engagement for Friday morning, I pray the perfect inspiration jumps on me tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!


Hi guys!

Yesterday night was crazy...my blogger homepage refused to open, my blogger chrome upload app didnt work, kept refreshing at diff times thru the nite, bt no luck...Anyhoos, its great to be back now!

Yesterday was cool.
0800 - All my days have been starting well this week, went for a regular Tuesday morning service, but it ended up not being of the regular ones. The Chancellor graced it with his presence and his teaching on Personal Responsibility was yet another awesome one, it was 50mins of fun and impact!

He dropped loads of funny lines that was just cracking me up badly, but the unique thing about him is that even his humour comes with an underlying lesson.

In sharing his experience on how his eyes opened to the need for a man to be a man for himself he talked about how a particular encounter in his father's house led to his enlightening on the fact that their is a difference between "our house" and "my house"

"our house, my house....true o!"

I sure do need to define when I'm leaving my father's house sef. But, its school for now jare!

1000 - Classes...ok

1400 - Classes ended. Then I had to chill for 2 long hours for some seminar with some dude on the postgraduate programme of University of Birmingham.

1700 - Going for that prog was indeed a waste! Nothing sensible...conclusion is I simply dislike anything that has to do with the school.

2000 - Business meeting wit D.Mac. We had to discuss the future of A-Z. Final edit, launching, sales, marketing and all...loads of fresh ideas came in.
So now I'm out in a quest to get one or two of my mentors to author a couple of pages in the book.

There's too much energy in me these days, and I'm trying to figure out what me is up to....

This is all I can remember about yesterday o...catch ya l8r 2nite!
"Responsibility is not just the prize of success, it is the MARK of success." - Dr. David Oyedepo

Monday, April 26, 2010



0100 - Had a discussion I've been thirsting for ever since, a moment with someone that could frankly point out errors in my book...pheww!! Most ppl jst get carried away with the obvious and they are blinded to the flaws...That convo was priceless, luv u Mac!! Ure too conceptual...tew much

0800 - Class started with an impromptu test. I did good, xpectin a nice outcome :-)
My first lecture was just funny, I tried hard to meet up with that man's pace, but....he was just too fast jare! So I ended the lecture feeling empty.

0930 - The 1.5 hour break before my class was unusually interesting, I was just hyper and I had loads of gists for my hommie, Paps.

I was just in a light mode, happy with life.

1100 - 2nd lecture was sick and annoying, at least for me, don't know about others o..so it was cut short some minutes to the end, off to my room I went. Couldn't stand one last class!!

1215 - STABBBB!!!!!

1900 - finally took the much needed step of responsibility. I picked up my notes, headed to the library to have some moments with purpose. And by purpose I mean my much neglected academic purpose.

Wasn't much fun reading High Voltage Engineering. Dry course content, unpredictable lecturer coordinating the course....not just a nice combo jare. God will see me through.

2100 - Back to that life of cafe closing 9pm...I reserve my comments on the people behind it all. But how can I not have access to a quality meal for dinner after that reading drained life out of me...mschewww

I'm loooooooving the evening...quality weather, quite chilly, and I'm treating myself to a warm cup of chocolate and some quality music!!!

Men, it's been long I put any note on Facebook, I should do that this week, I think I'm pregnant again, and asides I miss all those wonderful comments that spur me to do more!



That smile
That ray
Yea, that one I love to see

Sowi that piece blew it away
That piece did force a tear?
Sowi it got to that rare part

Wish u knew
Wish u...
Wish we...

Hope this one brings it back
Hope this one gets to that rare part again
Hope this sounds Tee

Sunday, April 25, 2010



Happy Sunday to you all.

My Sunday was indeed a happy one.

Myself and my friends set out for 2nd service expecting another "3steps/5keys/7way to...." sermon, and the usual lengthy ones...but we were a bit shocked to see folk from the 1st service done by 9:15 and already on their way back to their halls. A wonder-filled sunday it must be, we all said to ourselves.

0925- On getting to Chapel, my Head of Hospitality (HOH) approached me and told me we were supposed to have a final year drama presentation for our meeting this evening...yeeepa!!....We did our bit, gathered enough peeps, had a lil brain storming session. No one really had any impromtu idea, so I popped up the concept we used in skye for our winning presentation...The Unusual show.

Its a talk show in which we discuss various controversial, objective and non-conclusive issues like governance, police, education, relationships....etc and then we have some crazy hilarious everyday adverts

We had our rehearsals for like an hour and then we joined them in the service.

Today's service was one of those ATM services that the Chaplain asks us to bring out our ATM cards for blessings....I've been doing that thing for a while now oh...but wait, I've not even checked my balance this time, so.....I'l get back to u guys sha

Chaplain also decreed 7huor miracle

1500 - My 7hour miracle came hours after the service, and my package was quite humble..Tantalizers fried rice + Chicken
As thankful as I was when it came, now I'm seeing a serious need for me to work on my faith o! What happened to the bigger things sef? lik 200k cheque, free summer trip offers....n u knw those tins..

1700 - Our presentation was off the hook!! The MC at our rehearsals didnt show up for the presentation, so I had to fill in for him and all that, but we still pulled it off smoothly.
Men!!! Taking up any role in that presentation involved dropping off ur pride o....buh we had to do what we had to do, we really said sick things mehn!!

1900 - S's birthday cake arrive n we al go crazy in the office over cake, cake....common cake...I ddnt dull sha, had 2 much of that sugar goin down my throat...lol

2000 - P arrived, we go in for Drama nite. Didnt watch any drama jare, jst gisting...nice hanging out with someone new

Its definitely a mad week ahead of me!!! loads of exciting stuffs coming this week....stay connected!

Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of those moments...I was thinking of what to write and before I knew it, I woke up hw many hours later n nw I cant help but go back to bed! so I must finish this in a hurry

Anyways, this saturday was a bit different from the regular ones, woke up to make some calls...needing my external links for one or two things, so I just had to do that.

Went for some ladies conference after much effort from "A" n "lil C" to convince me to make it down. It was more about them convincing me to come, what killed it was Love Oyedepo was one of the speakers of the day and I have always wanted an opportunity to hear Papa's children, and this one came on a zero-stress, free platform..so I had to take advantage of it.

What can I say? WOW!!! She's got it, exceptionally good. She didn't have to say too much for me to reach that conclusion; beautiful talk, classy delivery, was really impressed!

1700 - Clinic visitation. Had to pray in Yoruba again! Those people want to make me their yoruba minister..mscheww.
Had this funny talk with sum hosp sister whose name I didnt know and I couldnt ask cos her thinking was that I know everybody...lol. But all the same, I stil disappointed her, I guess, we had gone deep into our talk before I asked "xcuse me, are u in 400 level?" as in, it wasnt funny o..see small stature now, buh she claimed she was used 2 ppl doin dat alrdy..men, she looked 200!!

1900 - The hour that heralded all the crazy things that happened in the evening. Preety hilarious (if therz any word lik dat) stunts men!! so funny!! too funny I cant share. But I had fun.

Well not much story to tell.


Friday, April 23, 2010



It was just like yesterday
When we gathered to celebrate u
To celebrate u at 50


Tears of joy

All in apreciation of u

It wasn't funny in the weeks that followed
Cause u left
U left to be with ur doc

2 nights turned into 3
3 into 5
5 nites into a week

It had never been that long
It was a new experience
The meals weren't the same
The smiles weren't the same

He missed u
They missed u
We missed u
I missed u

Then u returned
But it didn't feel like u
U were forcing the smiles
Ur cheeks were gone
It wasn't the old fleshy u
I could see ur bones

I was worried
But I couldn't tell my worries
Everyone was worried
But we needed to be strong for u
We needed me to be ur smile

Oh how I remember
That fateful day u asked me to pray for u
I stood shivering with fear
As I pleaded with the one who knew it all

Technology failed
The pills failed
The therapy failed

He led you thru d valley of shadow of death
Then his eyes shone on u
And because he lives u live today
And today u live to feel my words

I love u to my roots
I'll love u till my last
I love u mum

Thursday, April 22, 2010



He had this oversized coat on, pink shirt, random tie, button down collar, and some ID badge hanging on his coat. Light rays were falling on the lens of his glasses making it impossible for me to see the colour of his eyes.
He had the attention of an audience that filled the large hall to three quarters, well maybe not a large hall, but he had an audience of 100. They all focused on him with rapt attention, there was no artificial auditory system, yet it was obvious his voice was heard by all without him having to shout at the top of his lungs.

But I couldn't hear his voice

He must be making so much sense I pondered, cause everyone had something to write. I noticed some people taking occassional glances at the pages of the notepads of those seated next to them just to make sure they don't miss out any word. I'ld love to know, what is the main catch? Is it the ambiguity of the words he spoke (cause I could see him spelling out some words on the white board before him), the sense in the words he spoke, or both the words themselves and the sense in them?

I'm sitted right in the middle of the hall meaning I have more people in front of me than I do behind me.

All of a sudden I ask myself what I was doing with this iPod in my hand, I looked at the table before me and I find a piece of paper with my handwriting on it, my biro placed on the paper. Oh! U mean I was writing?

So I compare my note with my neighbour's
He had diagrams I didn't have, loads of paragraphs that were missing from mine.

Suddenly his voice became audible
It was me daydreaming in class again!

that was yesterday's story

Momma was around today!!!! Was good hanging out with her loads of great stuffs going on at home....joy, joy, joy.

I had a conversation with a particular person today and as simple as our talk might have been, I left that discussion with an unusual level of impact. U know life is just funny, we have all we need around us and most times we don't realize they are there until it's too late.
The people we really don't value turn out to be the most valuable and the ones we value turn out to be random average peeps. There's no particular code for getting a good hold on how this value thing works anyways, but I feel u just have to remain open minded to get it right.

Again it's funny how we talk but yet we don't talk. Most times we just find out that we really don't know the people we 'think' we are in constant communication with. Well it happens cause we really don't understand communication, or maybe we do but we refuse to tap into it. In essence, as we're in these concluding days I'm seriously avoiding that talking and no talking...looking and not seeing.

Weekend starts already, looking forward to doing some serious writing this weekend...haven't done that in a long while.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010



I actually wrote a 4line poem for my mum..dnt have it here its on my iPod
And there's this short story I wrote in class today(which is supposed to be the main post of the day) as I was daydreaming, cant upload that neither cause it's on my iPod. Well, my iPod happens to be one of my best friends, always there to listen when I talk..and did I ever mention it that I'm getting the new iPad? Well, I just did. I would have by friday night, so if you wanna have a feel of what the iPad looks like, I'ld be glad to share mine with you.

I just finished with the graphics guy working on my book and we are 95% done...and men, my eyes are teary right now, looking at how much progress has been made. Really, my life is about to change and that thought comes with a mixed feeling, a blend of that silent fear and the wave of excitement...

This post should be edited by dawn when I locate the guy with my iPod.

This day means a whole lot to me, my mom is the bestest in the world, she believes in me more than any other person alive....whenever I remember the compassion in her eyes anytime we have our "moments", I always tell myself I'm the luckiest son on earth...I just hope I love her as much as she does, cause she got loads of love for me.

I don't know if it is safe to announce that she's coming around to see me tomorrow, please if you're in Daniel Hall and this piece of information gets to you, maybe its time to be rewarded for following my blog...the meal will be badddddd, don't miss out.

@ Dew, where art thou? I've missed you

Tuesday, April 20, 2010



The fact that I could live my day, come back in the night and share my experiences with you makes me feel great! I don't know if how well you enjoy me but I know you're not reading me because you're bored.

28th post and still counting, so I say thank you!

The little comments you drop, the way you relate with me in class based on one or two thoughts I share here gives me a strange order of excitement and it gets me heated up to do more.

For a person like me that is pursuing a career in public speaking, publishing, and people development, this platform means a whole lot to me.

Today was one of those days I was re-awakened to the fact that this mite just be the lowest point of my life because each time I take a personal evaluation, I see a better me...and like more crazy things were just feasting in my head today. Me n my thoughts!

I'm not talking much tonite....I'm simply humbled by the fact that the no. of posts on my 28days old blog has equalled the no. of posts I have on my 10months old blog.

The essence of this post is to say I value you, I value you, you, you, and you!

I leave you with the words of my mentor, it came to mind as TY asked me as question tonite
"What motivates me often is the fear that one day I'll get to heaven and I'm going to look at all that I have and all what I could have done and I never did it and there is no second opportunity, that's how I do it. Just do it!" - Leke Alder

Monday, April 19, 2010



I'm filled up!!
Like seriously to the brim! Tonite is one of those nites I have so much to talk about that I feel like updating two blogs, dropping a note on Facebook, n them drop something for the mags to publish. How far I can go with this rush, we shall see.

0700 - Woke up with my head heavy, I guess it's cos I slept angry that graphics work for my book is not yet done n it's 27days to the launch already.

1100 - First class of the day was quite informative, my 2nd best lecturer 4 d semester so......couldn't have been dulling.
2nd class was not as terrible as I had anticipated, but I had already closed my mind to learning before the class so.....no new knowledge acquired.
Thank God I uploaded some Leke Alder PDFs on this iPod this morning, so I was just having some intellectual moments with my mentor.
Had to sleep when my eyes started getting heavy....I've not done the head-on-the-table sleeping this semester, but I don't think I really had a choice.

1200 - While sleeping, I receive a tap and it's a small note labelled "Tolu Akanni". I open em up.....
Tolu! You are sleeping in class, is that what you will put on your blog tonite?

I'm scribbled something in reply sha...can't remember again. That Stef is just a naughty girl jor.

1215 - Some funny discussion paper was being passed round as regards thoughts/concepts for our graduation dinner. I was happy to add to the message thread....some funny convo we had there.
I'm thinking a buying a notebook for such purposes oh...."EIE DISCUSSION FORUM.....where the intellectuals lounge"
And speaking about notebooks...I've not copied the note that lecturer asked me to copy oh!! Temptation to lie tomorrow already hanging right from this night....God have mercy!

1300 - The 2nd lecture already drained my energy so much that I couldn't just wait for my 3rd 1hour lecture. But we thank God, he didn't show up!

My lowest or should I say saddest moment of the day was at this hour. Someone approached me to let me know she's not been happy with me for (365 - 27)days now and......
You need to have been there to feel my pain. She said I never said thank you to her for honouring her invite to my birthday party! And mysteriously, she kept on using "me" and "us" interchangeably, so.....I don't even know if it's a "her" thing or more toes have been stepped on.
So tonite, I don't know who I've not sent my appreciation to. If you are one, I say a very big thank you to you for honouring my invite. God bless you. I'ld be glad to host you in another 27days.

Come to think of it, only a few people know that particular birthday was a mega sad one...I don't even want to remember it sef.

So I head to CST with RESTRUCT to see Omoge black to have one of those occassional idea moments. It went on well...really cool.
We discussed a variety of issues and I'm looking for where to share some of the contributions I dropped in our little gathering.....not every platform is right, it will sound like I'm up to something when I'm really not, if u know what I mean.

1500 - I'm with my graphics guy and a concept just came for Chapter Q, that page is maddddddd!!! I can't wait for this book to be out o...God has started dropping fresh concepts for my 2nd book sef.

1600 - I finally get the much needed hair cut...lol. I feel human now.

2000 - I have a diary delivered to me. Diary as in someone's journal, it's off the hook. Of no doubts it's a bestseller material if it gets published. I think I just launched El Fiz Publishing.

2155 - As I'm sitted in Chapel rite now, Ada comes around to say hi and invite for me a programme this weekend and she goes "I saw ur A-Z of CU, Oyinloye and stuffs...and I loooove it!"
Mo da ron!!! Ahhh!!!! I'm scared o. Publishing that piece on the Internet was a mistake now, to now think that someone has that implicating material in print is way craaaaaazy!!
God, Please see me through oh! 73days to go.

2204 - I'm going back to my hall. I need somewhere else to pour my overwhelming thoughts.

#Now playing:
Song - Iba
Artiste - Chief Ebeneezer Obey

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Gone are the days when the owner of ideas were the rulers of the world, we now live in an era that is being governed by those who act on ideas.

The eyes that look are many, but the eyes that see are few.

And the divine injunction says I will give unto you as far as thine eyes can see
Meaning prosperity is the lot of those who see, and abundant prosperity for those who see afar, it is not for onlookers.

"The future belongs to those who recognize opportunities long before they become obvious." - Restruct

All you need to succeed is already in you, causing it to find expression is at the mercy of ur sight.

What can u see?

Very few things happen to me by surprise, very very few!! There s almost nothing that has happened to me that is new to my inner sight, most times it s firstly a thought-experience and then a real experience.

I would have loved to bring up scientific facts to back up my point, but time will not permit me to do that. Well, in essence, I wanna remind y all that you can hardly feature in a future you can t picture.

Don t gaze
Don t stare
Don t look this week
Start seeing!!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010



0600 - Woke up so early on a rainy saturday just cos of my 8am test that went well.

1738 - So I've got some idle 22mins to sit down and write, and even though I'm lost kinda or beta still clueless as regards what I want to write on. I still feel writing.

So in my nothingness I crave to create something. I think I'ld just spend the time dwelling on a couple of thoughts from my subconscious. Did I just make it sound like I was just gonna take a lucky dip into a jar called the mind, bring out one out of the many thought packets, open its contents and read/write out what's on it? Seriously, did I just create that impression? Because if I did that means I just got it all wrong.

Hmmnnn...matters of the mind, let's look through it again, this time more closely.

The Jar
We all have one in us, every human being has a Mind!

The Content
Life is dynamic, or better put, living is dynamic. Every minute, every second, every microsecond, something is altered; and with every act or activity, I believe an impression is created.

The Thought packet
This impression is the thought packet. With every experience, a new packet is dropped in our jar. With every new impression that the lines/words of this piece ure reading, a new packet is created and dropped in the jar. Loads n loads of packet u can imagine, ermmm...I rly can't tell if it is the packets that are so small that they could fit into this one jar or whether the jar is so big that it can take in these packets of various shapes and sizes.
Again I picture the jar in such a way that the thoughts that are fresh in our hearts are at the top of the jar and the irrelevant/less-bugging ones are at the bottom of the jar.

The Dip
Taking the dip is what we most times refer to as "mind searching"
Once in a while when we attempt to tell people what's on our mind, we take this dip. Atimes we reach for the fine, smooth, regular shaped ones - which is always the case anyways. On other occassions we go for the rocky, irregular packets.

The Contents
This is where I'm really heading to, most time than often we can't just let those raw contents out to the listening pleasure of those we r conversing with....cos of so many reasons we attempt to edit what we voice out
Could be cause u don't trust them
Could be because one packet is linked to so many other packets n it's jusr that one packet u wanna let out at that time

Could be because they r just too deep and they may never get it
Could be because u just wanna keep them in suspense by saving it for some other time

It's 1800 alrdy, I promised I'll stop when it clocks....

1800 - Pen bleed ceases.

1830 - I'm spending the evening wit Omogeblack, so we head to new cafe so I can watch Chelsea's game.

So basically I'm here sitted with this El Fiz of a guy that has forced me to come watch Chelsea lose .... Lol gosh it's fun to see him disappointed. So instead of sitting to dull myself I've decided to feature myself Omoge black on the el fiz blog ... Soooo wat do I wanna talk about? Wish lists... Have u ever wondered y they r called that? Well because no one really expects them to be fulfilled... as for me I choose to be different. I've created a wish list which I should say rift about here that I've cried over already and I dare say that he differnce btw ur wish list and mine is the pure fact that I totally 100 percent refuse to sit on my arse N watch the list gather dust it mustn't... I'm soooo determined to gt wat I want out of life that I don't care how hard I have to work to get it done! you see to me my wish list is my life not necessarily d things on the list but I lok at it as a kinda analogy for all the struggles I'm facing m gonna face... thanks Tolu dear for the opportunity to be bored n play with ur pod. U no wat? I'll send u my wish list so u can help me fulfil my dreams...that's the way life is there will always be people to show ur wish list to why? So they can help u fulfil your dreams n thus be a part of ur life....


2200 - After watching Chelsea lose:-(, Chillin wit CDS dinner crew as they kicked off their dinner that looked like it would suck, foregoing the opportunity to chill wit Timi Dakolo cos of our impatience, striking a business deal with some rich dude, building more concepts for A-Z, evening wit d poet n the fresh coded tins that r on board.....summary is d evening made sense. I'm smiling!!!

Friday, April 16, 2010


Hi Guys!
I have a test for 8am 2mrw so I can't talk much tonite.

Fela Durotoye made it down today and I was glad to be a part of it. I'ld have loved summarize his speech, but time!!!!...so I leave u with excerpts from my sermon note.


"This is not the time to be motivated. I am not a motivational speaker, I came as an alarm clock to awaken u to how important ur time is."

There are 3 generations that have come to this part of generation
1st. Generation of liberation.
Those who understand that they could be successful by sticking to their occupation, but can be great by applying their career to national transformation. Transcending the box of career n helping to fulfill the purpose of their generation.

U can't leave the golden streets of heaven where u are walking on gold to now come to the earth to pursue that same Gold u were treading on in the streets of heaven. Your purpose has to be bigger than education, bigger than certificates.

•The whole reason for coming to the earth is dominion -Genesis

•The end of the matter is that "we shall live as kings and princes n shall reign over all the earth" - Revelation.

King + Domain = Kingdom

That is every king has a domain n if u step outside ur domain u become vulnerable to anything.
It is not the absence of a king that makes a prince become a prince. Everybody is a prince.

Since nature abhors vacuum, the prince that won't stay in his domain will soon be replaced by a fool. A fool is someone who does not learn from his mistake.
That you are called a king is not an acronym, whether u have ascended to the throne is where the question is.

Whenever u ascend ur throne n u speak, that thing u say becomes a legislature.

Golden handcuffs can look like bangles.

"The best time to plant a tree is 20yrs ago, but the next best time is today." - Chinese Proverb
Ur disguise is called now, ur reality is called the future.

Poem: My name is ur potential

In 20 yrs time I need u to have 20yrs of experience in ur field. U need darkness to appreciate light, so don't complain about Nigeria. The value of the nature of a man is determined by the vacuum that his absence creates.

Ttyl guys. Nite!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010



0900 - Funny how the early moments of the day was saturated with
hustling and all sorts of unrest over the submission of a term
paper....crazy crazy stress dat I don't wanna talk about; crazy, crazy
Summary: term paper completed, crappy piece submitted.

I must look for another day to discuss my hatred for having to do
assignments, term papers and all of that...they freak me out.

1400 - Had EDS practicals

I typed this on my iPod as I stopped by in cafe after my practicals:

The times r green
It means I can act
Green signifies life
Signifies an original order of life

I kinda like the joy it brings....

Sounds stupid rite? Take it like that? I dunno why I started it n I
can't picture what I had in mind as at then, but from experience it's
this kinda stuffs that I could just pick up on another day, add colour
to it and everyone loves it.

The point I'm trying to hit here is that, there are one or two
activities we engage in, one or two skills we acquire, and these
things really don't bring our way immediate relevance. Don't give up
on those things completely, they are just one of those things that
will help you to live a life of readiness, they are things that give
you the confidence that you're not a "one-way traffic" person, that
is, if what you're doing at the moment fails, there's a back up plan.
You know they say "there's no vacuum in life" so again just see it as
a profitable 'vacuum-filler'

2000 - Drama nite. Ermmmn...it made sense somehow, I loved their
rehearsal sessions yesterday and I was particularly tripped by the
stage setup - it reflected a great deal of professionalism - and that
was why I attended today, and even though I wasn't particularly
impressed, I wasn't disappointed either.

2200 - Nice D.Mac talk, I wonder why u came online so early today sef.
When I have more liver, I'll bring that our gist to blogsville.

2300 - I saw an inspirational quote on Facebook, and you'll see that
at the end of this post.
Speaking about inspiration, Fela Durotoye has announced on his
Facebook page that he'll be making it down to CU 2mrw...can't wait to
hear him!!

Looking forward to becoming one of the priviledged few to wake up
every morning to do what they love to do.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010



0645 - I finally open my eyes. whats "finally" anyways? I think they've been open all night long. 30mins after I crashed - maybe an hour, 2, or 3, I really cant tell - the lights came on and it was me trying to get a good sleep all nite long.
So I stand up to finally reach for the light switch as my roomie was stepping out of the room..within 5 secs...I was off

0715 - OMG!! 8am class, I've not ironed as usual...my head's achin seriously...am I sure I wanna do this? Got a test for 12noon...so stabbing is no option today. Humbly, I made the class move.

For the early hours of the day I was lost trying out to figure out why I was struggling to sleep all night. The stir the words I heard before going to bed caused in me? The fact that the lights had to be on cause my roomie was up all night preparing for the test we were writing today? But seriously, since wen did I start having issues sleeping in an illuminated room?
My test is coming up in a couple of hours and I'm not close to being ready, the more I try to figure all of these out, the faster the pace of the headache gets.

1200 - Test hour. The test was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet and I thank God for that!

1800 - Had a meeting with a section of the new leadership of Hospitality unit, and everytime I get the opportunity to meet with such people I'm excited to share so much with them cause being in their shoes is something I've experienced and I dunno how to put it but I just smile when I see that freshness of energy, that eagerness, that spark that is common to us all when we are about to tread new grounds.

Slowly I drift to my earliest memories of this school-experience, how I couldn't sleep on the night of October 16, 2005, the eagerness...I couldn't contain the joy! I was coming from a secondary school where I was king, I was on top of the class, best graduating student in the set and my admission letter came in a day to my Valedictory service. I wasnt surprised, my admission was obviously the talk of the day: "smart kid getting admitted to a school for the rich" Only 2 of us in the graduating class had gotten admission as at that time, so basically I left seconday school feeling on top of the world.

I had so much to dream about, my imaginative abilities were not as powerful as it is today anyways, but I still I had the dream in me.

I grew up in the 'brooks' so to say, the average neighbour was a lower class income earner, popc was balling on the middle class, 'so that impression of I'll be schooling with the spoilt rich kids of naija' was very much alive in me.

I had academic goals, I planned to stay on top of my class...graduate as the best in my class....best in my department......best in my college.....best overall graduating student.

I had dreams of making money, having heard of business moguls that started expressing their ability to attract financial fortunes right from their university days.

I dreaded the rules, the dress code didn't make sense.....though my first visit to CU on a school day got me looking forward to when I'll iron the new shirts I already had arranged in my box, put them on and appear dashing just like every other CU student I'd seen.
I dreaded the rules futher, 'cause it was my first time off home and I won't have my phone to myself, no more communication with my existing friends, no direct link to my parents...though again I looked forward to not having any parent monitoring my moves.
I dreaded the rules, then we used to hear if any one the univeristy can identify as your friend gets involved in any issue with the school, you're gonna go home as well.

I had dreams of evolving as a Total Man, afterall that seems to be what the CU vision is all about - the mental man, the physical man, and the spiritual man. I was ready to be made!!!

I used to play basketball then in secondary school, I was always talking about joining the school team to develop myself when I get to the university.

I dreamt of the fame, I dreamt of the name, I dreamt of the ladies, I dreamt of the good, I dreamt of the bad...and you know what, in a way these dreams were conflicting oh....but I wanted all of these things!

How far I've gone in living this dream, I don't want to know.
To a reasonable extent, you might know but I dont think I want you to tell me.

2000 - Arsenal hour. Yaayyy!!! Chelsea!!!!

2200 - My ISP is messing up, internet activation issues still :-(
I miss blogville gist jare....nt enjoyin borrowed internet!
So my photoblogging is again postponed till my next post.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Really, I don't know where to start from tonite
Should I talk about the Money doubler I just met who unlike the regular CU hostel business operators - who sell biscuits, noodles, drinks, sardine, corn beef e.t.c - sells the regular sachet water @ #10 per sachet, making #5 on each sachet sold?

Or should I talk about d 300level millionaire boy who's got 7yrs of work experience, sponsors his own education and gives to others like money is nothing. Who U won't believe refers to university education as a distraction! (But what else would expect from a young guy like that who's got married men in his own employment).

Or should I talk about the free-for-all / make-ur-early bookings for 'A' test we had today. Or the photoshoot of our moments of joy?

Or maybe I should talk about how all these mind-bugging thoughts came to being not by sitting down listening to some high-priced motivational speech, not by consuming the pages of a motivational diet, but by 15mins of corridor talk when I was supposed to be preparing for the test I'm writing tomorrow.

Nay!! I refuse to talk about any of these things
If I think any further
It will quench something
It will quench what I've crammed
It might quench d fire in my brains

Friends, this is where today ends.

See ya tomorrow!!

Monday, April 12, 2010


LXXX: Random thoughts on People n Interaction

*People like to know ure telling them things that r personal.

*They like to know u have flaws, they like to see what ur dirty linen looks like.

*There's nothing better than having a conversation with someone who feels privileged chatting with u.

*People love complements, give em out freely!

*People love to stick to those that always tell them the truth. Though they tend to avoid admitting their appreciation.

Sunday, April 11, 2010



It was a bit warm in the room
I was tensed
I was sweating

He was right there at the front
It was Mr Jack
I had nothing on my desk
Nothing but a blank A4 sheet

I picked my pen
And I penned down my ID details
I felt a slight tap
It was the guy behind me
He passed on d pile of papers

I picked one
And I passed d rest forward
I looked at the sheet I picked
Question 1 - unfamiliar
Question 2 - quite unfamiliar
Question 3 - total stranger

Maybe I'll know Question 4
I must know it
4 is my lucky number

But wait
There's no P.T.O after Question 3
But I still flipped
I flipped the sheet
And I wished I didn't

Where's my lucky number?
Where's the 4th question?
I looked at my A4 sheet
Just my student details
Nothing else
Oh!! I counted like 4 drops of sweat
4 drops? This is my moment of luck!
Oops! The 5th just dropped

Is there any way out?
I think I need to pray
That was spsd to be my 1st act rite?

Hmnnn...a word just dropped
2 sciptures
"call upon me(God) in the day of trouble"
"God created man in his own image"

That means I look like God
Femi in front of me looks like God
So I called upon the God in Femi

He knew Question 1
I trust that boy
I knew giving him coffee wasn't a mistake
Very studious boy

He settled Question2 as well
Efficiency 99%
WE were on Question 3
When Mr Jack beckoned
"Femi I want u here right now"!!

I need 70% minimum to clear this course
Lara behind me can't teach me this thing
She doesn't even look like God
Not my God!!
Wig of 4months...Ayanma
The mouth odour will erase my Answers 1 & 2 sef

This solution must come o
Left, right - no help
Can this be a fix?

I look within
This Question 3 still feels strange
I've seen it b4 now
Yes!! That past question booklet

Thank God I have the soft copy
So I reach for my iPod
It's my lucky day
20% remaining
I open the document
Ooooooo...wats d Ferari man doing here

He spends 10mins n he walks out
Mr Jack says 7mins more
Slide to unlock
I see 10% remaining
Ooo..that John guy n my car racing iPod app
This solution is long o

25lines or so
4 lines dubbed
Mr Joe appears
"U, lemme have it"
"have what Sir?"
"I say give it to me"
"Sir, it's my calculator"
"Are u tryin..."

"Time up!!!"
Mr Jack interrupts.
I should have left my paper blank
Am in one big pot of soup
"stand up I say" Mr Joe screamed

As I stood up the whole class burst out laffn
I was looking good as usual
So why the laugther
In a flash I realised
I was towering with at least 4feet above Mr Joe
So quick I forgot my calamity
And I had a hearty laff with my guys

"You fool he bellowed, u'll pay 4 this"
Slide to unlock
10% remaining
1st evidence
The lecture notes were on d screen
"Expulsion" he screamed

Pushed the Home button
On to the Music App
Goes thru my playlist
Artist - Asa
Song - Bibanke

I could hear the song playing
No earphones
No headphone
No speakers in my iPod

It was getting louder
Louder than normal
Bang Bang Bang,

Bang Bang Bang, Dim light
It was a new location
I had my head laid on my lecture note
Bang Bang Bang, someone at the door
Bang Bang Bang, "open, it's me"
So I opened
And it was roomie screaming
"Guy!! don't tell me u missed the test"


This was wat I came up wit as I was in Church 2day...just tryin out sumtin out of the regular. If u like what u just read, don't hesitate to leave comments.

"Each day I wake up in the morning and I realise I'm not on Forbe's top 100 richest, I rise up and I go to work"
-Dami Onabiyi

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Life is not a problem to be solved, it is a gift to be enjoyed.

Whoever tells u that u need a friend forever before him/her can be a friend forever is a liar!

Just like the biblical Manna, what u need for ur filling is not always there on the table; now that it is there, eat as much as u can.

Nothing is too big for you to achieve, everything and everyone has a price tag.

Those are my thoughts for the day. I'm soaked up working on the final edits on my book n I dont want to time out of that realm just yet. I'll return 2mrw wit more to share!

Friday, April 9, 2010


It's hard to understand the mysteries of this life, the events of this life appear so complex, but yet they are so simple. I've come to realise further that success is not for the complex, it is for the simple; understanding simple principles, sticking to them without questioning ur beliefs.

The events of yesterday prepare us for today

Most of the things I learnt yesterday helped prepared me for today. God is a master planner!
I woke up today to the news that I'm not actually free from sch wahala as I had earlier anticipated, bt I just overlooked being charged for missing 1 out of 8 services n I went for the HSN prog 2 hear Mo n I sure did have a gud time there.

Men, this particular story took different twists that m nt interested in discussing, but the main deal was I initially made up my mind I wasn't gonna go clear anything....morning....afternoon....evening..... evening came, I had a meeting in chapel, and as I was discussing ideas wit a frnd, we jst decided to take a stroll to new cafe ATM. Almost getting to new cafe, I meet my roomie who just got cleared, he gave me the form he got for me n he advised I go clear myself. I stepped into that hall, overlooked the queue, went straight to the officer n I got cleared in less than 5mins!!
I have friends that calculated wasting 8hrs in a bid to get clearance!

And this brought to mind a statement I made to myself some Sundays back wen we almost got into trouble cos we were heading out to service late, I said
"In every tight situation, there are sacred cows; If anyone will get out of it, it has to be me!!"

I'm quoting this to reach out to my co-passengers at the lobby, don't be plagued by the "victim" mentality. Coping in this lobby is no joke, it's not for the feeble, u need bravery; bravery to overlook certain things, bravery to drawback n be calculated n not work with the spur of d moment as the rest of the crowd, bravery to fire ur maturity cos..c'mon ure nt new to the modus-operandi. In essence, realise that the mind is a big battlefield and u must understand that in any win-lose situation there are victims n there are victors, dare to be on the winning side!!

I had the perfect company to myself today!!! It was an idea day. Ur day doesn't get any better than hanging out with Mobi-D n Jaye-Restruct to share thots on events n other general issues. The thinking was MEGA....d concepts that came out were MEGA, it was the perfect meeting I has been waiting for all week long....recalling all of these, I have this big grin on my face as I type this.

It feels great when u step into a discussion n u find out that the subject of discuss is something uve been thinking about all week long, therz this glow that appears in ur face as u exchange thoughts!
The kind of things I think atimes are not things that I should be thinking, they are not things I should be thinking in the sense that most people in my immediate environment feel I should be thinking about. Most times I get scared to voice my innermost thoughts cos it mostly comes out to be perceived as the words of a proud man heading for a fall..lol..but again, If I don't build my castles with the words of my mouth, who will do it for me??

Prayer conference was quite refreshing yet again, that walk with Jaye-Restruct was a much needed expensive walk coming cheap, getting cleared added more colour to July 2, listening to good music from Chief Ebenezer Obey is doing me a lot of good rite now.

U guys sleep good, c ya 2mrw!!

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Quite a solemn start for my perfect kinda day. Solemn as in quiet....it felt great waking up to spend time with God; it was just fun singing to him in worship, shedding tears in his presence, telling him how u feel with d understanding that He's d only one that can genuinely relate with ur innermost feelings. He's just awesome!!

My time in class was beautiful, my Thursday class is my #1 class this semester, d guy is my #1 lecturer.....so everytin was just sweet.

I woke up realising that today had to be a quiet day n I appreciate the fact that I maintained it that way; it's been getting too noisy around me these days, I've been hearing things I need not hear n cutting off was the perfect thing to do.

Lots of things jumped on me in my thinking moments today, a whole lot of stuffs!

"sow a thought n u reap an act, sow an act n u reap a habit, sow a habit n u reap a character, sow a character n reap a destiny"
Thoughts are very powerful!!!

My thinking pattern in recent times has been awkward kinda, I've found myself losing my empire state of mind, and when I don't think like a reigning champ, it kinda limits the kinds of feats I dare, it limits the heights I attain.

I've not been having intellectually stimulating challenges, I miss my reflective days when I sit to build towers, days when I think one or two concepts through n I just start typing proposals. (Hmmmnnnn....all these proposals I have on my system sef, God provide money o). Days when I sit to write speeches; the speech I'll deliver at conferences, seminars, launchings....

......But I think those moments r back kinda, thinking the impossible into possibility.
U know my bible says ".....as far as thine eyes can see...."
Philosophers say "Corgito ergo sum"

I'm not surprised I'm enjoying some priviledges today because most of them are things I thought through years/months back. My life has evolved to be a proof of the fact that very few things happen to u by surprise, every man is an architect of his own destiny.

My bible again says "Be it unto u according to thy word".
Words are the building blocks of life "And God said....and it was"
So I'm resolving to building bigger castles in my mind in the coming days, I won't stop talking about them. I'm not living large enough, I need to fix this!

84days more n I'm out of the lobby to board my flight, there's a particular brand value I want to attain n in a way I don't think I'm there yet; There are things I should know that I still don't know; there are priviledges I should be enjoying cheaply that I'm still not enjoying.
Gosh!!! I'm alrdy thinking some things that I shouldn't just talk about right now, I'm alrdy visualising some crazy tins.... but b4 my time at d lobby runs out, these things will speak.

Tolu, there's a particular realm u should be operating in
Ure not there yet
Find ur way up!!

Where I am right now is tooooooooooo far compared to where I'm going to.


I'm back from Prayer conference n all I can say is Nothing feels better than the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit. That phrase "sweet fellowship" rings in my head each time I'm in the place of prayer, n that's why I just can't help smiling when I'm praying. I feel most intelligent when I'm praying, I'm tripped by the fact that I could relate with the most intelligent being in the universe with no drawbacks; I feel like I have something to offer in the league of the super-intelligent.

Had a stroll wit Moyo on my way back from the conference, she's taking a teaching session at HSN 2mrw; hope I make it up early. I can't count top 3 females I respect in d lobby without her being mentioned...someone that stands out in her own class anyday anytime. Moments wit Mo always make sense; atimes I try to point out wha exactly makes her stand out, but uno some persons can't be summarised in one word.

I can't wait for 2mrw, I smell a powerful day ahead. Good night folks!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yayyy!!! It's been 2 weeks of fun, consistency n appreciable audience on my blog. I'm grateful to God n I thank u guys for ur support. It would have felt lik unnecessary blabbering if not 4 ur presence, thanks a bunch!!!

So wha do I have to offer today?? Lets see.....

I wrote many months back n I quote (n it feels cooooooool quoting myself)
"Gone are the days when the best of jobs are reserved for those with the best of grades, the tables have turned and now the best of jobs are reserved for those with best of friends"

This statement is not just limited to employment, it is equally applicable to other good things of life.

A friend laid his life for me this Easter n I dunno men....words can't express how I feel about d whole ish. As in.... I kept on looking at him in class today think deep on his good acts n I still can't figure out how best to pay him back.

Sacrifice; that is the true unit of measurement of friendship. How much r giving to the ppl u call ur frnds? Hw much can they draw from u?

0100 - It was nice talking to Buki, catching up on tins....awon fresh kids Texas. N just in case u c this, I still don't like u so live with it :-|

0200 - Got new episodes of my favorite British TV series, Hustle....nice learning one or two con stunts b4 I dozed off.

0800 - Classes again, gists, pictures (since my H.O.D surprisingly skipped his class)
For the first time this semester, I need to give academic-seriousness a big chance. I need to focus somehow wit my midterms fast approaching n with 5weeks of lectures to go.

1500 - Lunch, Nap

2000 - Had to witness d departure of d last English team standing in the league of champions. I'm beginning to enjoy soccer in a most unusual manner these days....d game is no longer as predictable as it used to be.
I love football arguments, as annoyin as they may be, it provides an easy platform 4 me to weigh ppl's intelligence....d concept of ppl arguing wit dates, facts n figures trips me n atimes I see some ppl argue so confidently n so passionately that I tell myself "he must work for me someday" lol

My days keep ending with this awkward "it could have been better" feeling, and I'm still not so clear as regards where it is coming from. But somehow, I think I know but I'll rather not just talk about it, not to self, not to anyone....it's just lying somewhere down there. I can assure u I'l dig it out soon

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


0700 - U know one of those days when u just feel like a special being, those days when u feel like ure God's Child of the day. I had that as I woke up this morning.

1000 - So ppl that got out of school without exeats n all I see are sad faces all over, apparently loads of heads r rollin dis time. Quite unfortunate!

U knw those moments when u seem to be the only happy one, moments when u rly wanna shout n scream for the joy u have within, but u cant show cos d ppl around u r nt smiling. It seems like that's how I feel right now.

Well, I have to give thanks to God for making me pass thru this weekend unhurt n unscratched, it's no joke!!! I really appreciate God.

1500 - Classes were bearable today, treating myself to a good meal of Eba n Egusi felt rewarding kinda.

1800 - I wake up to do the expected - SHAVE!!!!!! arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......I hate clean shaves!!

1900 - it's the Arsenal hour of departure from the league of champions
wha started out as an Arsenal vs Barcelona encounter turned out to be an Arsenal vs Messi encounter!

I've got loads of things to talk about but I can't afford to spill em here....I might not like the after effect cos they r deep sturvs n I'm not d only one at stake!

Just 2 days ago, a couple of sincere observations came in as regards my blog n I think I need to effect some changes, edit some things.
1. I'm sorry 4 using ppl's names without permission. I'ld tryna use characters in d coming days
2. I'm sorry for the typos, m mostly too lazy to proofreader!!

I'm sorry for any other 'mis-doings' I don't just like to think when I'm writing. Thinking kinda kills sumtin, so it's mostly heart to paper 4 me.

Monday, April 5, 2010


So I'm back to the lobby, back to that life, but it seems like it's business unusual.

They think they can make it hot
But I doubt if I will fill the heat

How much good they mean
We shall tell in d coming days

How much evil they mean
We shall tell in d coming days

I wish they could move me
But I'm too made to be moved

All I see are the good days ahead
A-Z being launched
Clocking 21
Finishing finals in grand style
The closing TTG moments
The convocation awards
The convocation dinners
The final hour
The hooding event
The gown on me
The rice, the chicken
The drinks
The cheers, the jeers
The final goodbye

Word: Success answers to consistency; doing some things right and keeping at doing it.

And u know, what started as one annoying general assembly ended up being one of the best in a long time.
The session handled by a member of the board of regents was quite impactful.

Hearing someone talk about 20, 30, 40yrs actually makes me realise again that 5years is just but a short moment in time. It's an interesting world out there with relevant doors opening to those that have chosen to maintain relevance in their fields.

Hardwork will always pay off; Idleness is a destiny waster. Most of the flaws we make in life, most of the moments when we happen to be hopeless, do come when we r found doing nothing.

Lawyers r simply the most intelligent professionals in the world, they always make sense! This woman had great sturvs to dole out n the fact that she walked out of cancer just 6yrs ago n she's still standing just killed her talk!! Kidney transplant merely 6months back, still standing.....gives me the reassurance that this God is ever real n He will c me thru!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter Sunday!!

0000 was up late chattin wit frnds
0100 twas D.Mac n IBK
0200 IBK
0300 IBK
0400 signed out of msngr...pickd up my fone. did sum 15mins of xtracool jst 2 confirm d trips 4 d day
0415 eyes shut!!

This agenda feels quite irresponsible uno....but it was fun. Afta a long day yday, I knew d onli tin I needed was sleep, yet I didnt sleep. My computer wont let me go, gists wont let me go...everytin was jst xtra fun!

So d whole gist wit IBK was rly interesting.....nt had sum1 dat interesting n interested to talk to in a short while. IBK wanted 2 know everytin abt me in one nite o! d relevant, d irrelevant, d memorable, d randoms.....abbl. Waking up wit headache to know remember I was late 4 service cos I was up chattin wit a married babe felt funny, n I know IBK wil c dis now...so IBK, I'm running away 4rm u o, we'l b back as frnds wen u get d "babi" u promised.

Yaaaayyy!!! So Apuka liked my blog n a couple of persons hv bin likin my blog lately, m glad d audience is increasin.

Easter sunday was very normal, Easter thanksgiving service made sense, I had loads of places outlined for visits, but my very sleepy state didnt help matters...I spent d better part of d afternoon sleepin off!

I hooked up wit B in d evening...twas fun again.
Ran into some old frnds on my way back home...pulled over....mini-catch-up moments

2000 The Mitre crew came knocking. Jaye n Aregbe. They watched TV wit my family n it was d "who wants to be a millionaire" show...so sum hapi intellectual moments there. Olumide actually interviewed Aroma - the only person to win 10million naira in d show - just this last friday, so gists was flowin endlessly. They spent over n hr n it was gud nite call

2200 Its my computer again!!!!!

I'm not so excited m returnin back to school 2mrw...its gon b a long wk + wknd of midterms; God pls help me!

Saturday, April 3, 2010


So in my sticky-sweaty state I quickly sit down wit my laptop to tell d experiences of the d day b4 I get my shower n b4 I touch mum's yummy dinner.

Was up the in early hours of the day havin career talks wit dad n d talk left me with hope that he might have given up on his no-firstclass-no-masters policy, and well yea its looking more like m msc is confirmed; though he stil feels that shldnt b top on my mind (which isn't nyz) so I shld focus on my finals.

Great fun day! Excellent one I must say

Urghhh....I shld include pics of my day in this post, but I dnt have em yet.

Main catch of d day was ma hommie's mom's car was available for drives (my frnd cnt drive!!), so I set out to his house early n zooooooooom.....omo men, driving wit caution is expected on days lik this uno.
1. the owner of d car doesnt knw her son's home
2. her son doesnt drive
3. no money 4 emergency fixings incase of any yawa
But over-analysis leads to paralysis, so I discarded those thoughts n d journey was smooth.
Home-Opebi-Onikan(KFC, swe)-Lekki(GET Arena, Palms)-home.
errtin went on smoothly!

Go carting was madddddddddd fun, it was my first time of tryin it out n yaaaay me! I dusted Ehi, Lekan, Chidinma n some other same children lik dat...it felt good winning d race.

Another high moment for me was @ Palms when I was checkin out their bookstore. I stumbled on their Leke Alder stand n I didnt want to leave again o!!! That guy is awesome....high-quality speaks round his works; sha had a fun time scopin all d concepts for free. freeee o....wen books were ranging 8k upwards. lol

Well, great week for Chelsea..I'm so proud of my team!!! Priemership title, here we come!!

Momc's alrdy shoutin "Tolu!!! Tolu!!!!"....it feels gud 2 hv ppl beg u 2 eat free food. Otta sucks!

one of us uploaded pics alrdy

thats me!Ehi n Chidinma

Friday, April 2, 2010


So I stumble on these words today again n its al I can think about. its all I can talk about. They strike me n leave wit me a lingering impression

"The sooner you recognize and ♥ your imperfection and the fact that you are,on your best day, a fatally flawed mortal, living day to day by the grace of GOD, the sooner you will be happy"
- Ife Funsho-Fatobi

This is all I wanna learn today
This is all I wanna tell today

They are littered all around us
So conspicuous
Yet we believe we can suppress em

In a moment of truth
It feels good 2 b reminded am not perfect
It feels good 2 know perfection is but a bubble

It offers me a platform
A platform to forgive self
To forgive and to forge ahead



Ife, this is a big one 4rm u...I wish I knew what led to the utterance of these deep thoughts cos these are not everyday words. I have faith u'l tell me sha n I'l tel u sumtn in return if u do...lol

Stil to come: In the coming days I plan to talk about the people in my life, hw our frndshps got to be, what has kept it going n why I cant seem to let go off some people.
I wish I cld delve into my emotional life tho...it wil make this blog a lot more interestin, bt I'm stil havin double thots abt it...so enjoy wats on ground 4 now.

Thursday, April 1, 2010



Home: the haven of the brave!

My 11am class was frankly interesting, for the first time we jointly came to a conclusion that we r just excellent cramers that know little or nothing when it comes to applying knowledge. Chill o, they say "Wisdom is the application of knowledge" so those this mean myself n my classmates lack wisdom? Chai **shake my head**

I forgot to mention that the class started with a 1st test that looks like the man won't mark cos we obviously banged it.

1430 - I feel great getting home finally! Leaving school came cheap, CU gate me n d security woman were just looking at each other, I didn't have to tell a lie. Canaan gate....ermmm..."I'm on IT" she looks at my old ID card n goes "o ok..u can go"

Getting home, momsy wasn't home so my welcome home lunch was delayed a couple of hrs....yummy, yummmy!!

With a freshly married brother n another bachelor bro who have moved out of the house, home arrangement has changed a gain with loads of items cleared out, it's clear age has taken its fair toll on us all.

Opening my wardrobe I see an usual nylon bag, open em up to see the contents......behold my 1st John Francomb shirt n I go "awwwwwwww....I've always wanted U"
It happens to be a gift from my look-alike cousin who's studying in Malaysia; of which talking about look-alike, that dude is a photocopy, right from when we were kids he could pass anyday anytime as my twin bro n we grew up with greater resemblance. I remember yrs back, say 3yrs or so, we were in our hometown for the burial of the only grandparent I knew, my maternal grandmother, my mom confused him for me once and then we decided to start pranking other family members...it was ril fun uno. Sadly, we r nt rly close like that but whichever way it goes, I'm happy he's living good n he did put a smile on my face.

Concept: FRANCHOME comes from getting my first Francombs on my 1st day at Home.