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Tuesday, April 13, 2010



Really, I don't know where to start from tonite
Should I talk about the Money doubler I just met who unlike the regular CU hostel business operators - who sell biscuits, noodles, drinks, sardine, corn beef e.t.c - sells the regular sachet water @ #10 per sachet, making #5 on each sachet sold?

Or should I talk about d 300level millionaire boy who's got 7yrs of work experience, sponsors his own education and gives to others like money is nothing. Who U won't believe refers to university education as a distraction! (But what else would expect from a young guy like that who's got married men in his own employment).

Or should I talk about the free-for-all / make-ur-early bookings for 'A' test we had today. Or the photoshoot of our moments of joy?

Or maybe I should talk about how all these mind-bugging thoughts came to being not by sitting down listening to some high-priced motivational speech, not by consuming the pages of a motivational diet, but by 15mins of corridor talk when I was supposed to be preparing for the test I'm writing tomorrow.

Nay!! I refuse to talk about any of these things
If I think any further
It will quench something
It will quench what I've crammed
It might quench d fire in my brains

Friends, this is where today ends.

See ya tomorrow!!