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Wednesday, April 28, 2010



Today was basically an A-Z day! That was all I had in my mind.

0500 - Must have woken up like 3 different times after I dozed off some minutes after midnight, kept on refreshing my blogger home page with no luck loading the page.
Around this time my yahoo mail finally opened and I sent the mails I wanted to send to my mentors.

0800 - Walked into class some minutes after my lecturer did, picked a test script and I wasn't so impressed with my average score. I was just off. The guy kept on dictating and I knew writing notes wasn't my thing this morning so I picked up my iPod and I started learning at the foot of Mr Alder, it was quite refreshing.

This is the stage when I need to start giving serious thoughts to sales, distribution and marketing of my book, and reading Mr Alder was quite helpful.

1000 - First lecture ended and we were heading to chapel for the second class of the day. I was lucky to be in the company of Mr Mitre, and our conversation was one due in season. We talked at length about strategic market entries, we weighed so many options...our talk lasted the length of our 1hour lecture -didn't hear nada in that class. Conclusion is these things change one's life and I'm not sure I'm set for that change before my final exams....so, my book should be ready for May 16 when circulation will start is where uncertainty lies.
Our talk extended to other issues, and in a way I'm beginning to understand what July might look like. God keep me till then!

1400 - God reassured me again that he's behind me. From no where a guy that has contacts of one of my mentor's PA came online and by God's grace I should be calling her up tomorrow.
This is the same way God proved himself over the issue of who was going to do graphics for me, the 2 guys I was considering were just MIA for no reason the week I was going to sign that deal and God brought Rebirth Media my way n wat can I say....his touch is exceptional!

1800 - Midweek communion service. I was glad I brought some issues and laid them down at God's feet and the answers are already speaking.

1945 - Great soccer evening, Jose Mourinho has proven himself again! Can't wait for the league finals.

Dew got me thinking earlier on what to be grateful to God for and I'm happy this post came with testimonies.

I have a speaking engagement for Friday morning, I pray the perfect inspiration jumps on me tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!