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Sunday, April 4, 2010


Easter Sunday!!

0000 was up late chattin wit frnds
0100 twas D.Mac n IBK
0200 IBK
0300 IBK
0400 signed out of msngr...pickd up my fone. did sum 15mins of xtracool jst 2 confirm d trips 4 d day
0415 eyes shut!!

This agenda feels quite irresponsible uno....but it was fun. Afta a long day yday, I knew d onli tin I needed was sleep, yet I didnt sleep. My computer wont let me go, gists wont let me go...everytin was jst xtra fun!

So d whole gist wit IBK was rly interesting.....nt had sum1 dat interesting n interested to talk to in a short while. IBK wanted 2 know everytin abt me in one nite o! d relevant, d irrelevant, d memorable, d randoms.....abbl. Waking up wit headache to know remember I was late 4 service cos I was up chattin wit a married babe felt funny, n I know IBK wil c dis now...so IBK, I'm running away 4rm u o, we'l b back as frnds wen u get d "babi" u promised.

Yaaaayyy!!! So Apuka liked my blog n a couple of persons hv bin likin my blog lately, m glad d audience is increasin.

Easter sunday was very normal, Easter thanksgiving service made sense, I had loads of places outlined for visits, but my very sleepy state didnt help matters...I spent d better part of d afternoon sleepin off!

I hooked up wit B in d evening...twas fun again.
Ran into some old frnds on my way back home...pulled over....mini-catch-up moments

2000 The Mitre crew came knocking. Jaye n Aregbe. They watched TV wit my family n it was d "who wants to be a millionaire" show...so sum hapi intellectual moments there. Olumide actually interviewed Aroma - the only person to win 10million naira in d show - just this last friday, so gists was flowin endlessly. They spent over n hr n it was gud nite call

2200 Its my computer again!!!!!

I'm not so excited m returnin back to school 2mrw...its gon b a long wk + wknd of midterms; God pls help me!


Mzsleek said...

tolu..... why are u spilling ma business to the public......lol anyways u made it seem like i was bugging you....you are so not serious....lol....anyways ur blog is really cool tho'...

Mzsleek said...

tought we were over the babe issue nah.....dont lemme say what i have to say oh....

Tolu Akanni said...

spill? public? its my blog o...my experience

hehehehe....wha do u hv 2 say o?

Mzsleek said...

sorry oh....."its ma blog"..........lol anyways...don't really have anything to say..

Juanita said...

Glad your easter sunday went well. I worked during that day..hmmppff! Have a wonderful week!

Tolu Akanni said...

work on easter sunday...e ya!