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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


so this post makes my post count = 101
and this is day 99 @ lobby...meaning day after 2mrw, I blog here no more! :-(

Convocation week activities kicked off today and we were treated to an enlightening speech that was delivered by the Chancellor. He talked majorly about the decay in the leadership of Nigeria, taking on them as he referred to them as '3rd world minds ruling a 3rd world nation'. Listening to the fact and figures of the ongoings at the national assembly wasnt so pleasurable, it's rather appauling to see how these folks rob us of naitonal funds. 
I like the words of the great man that he made reference to who said
"Through the use of national resources we moved from riding camels to driving cardilacs, I only hope the generation after us wont move from driving cardilacs to riding camels due to the waste of national resources by this generation"
I like to think there's hope for this country, but how is it ever going to happen? Most times it sounds impossible!

Well, if I make up my mind to do it right, how many will join in me in doing that?
he said "if u cant beat them, join them" is a failure's mentality!
and I absolutely agree with him.....u don't always have to follow the crowd in doing evil.

So I ask myself, if given the platform, will I do it right even when everyone else is going the wrong way?
So I ask of u, if given the platform will u do it right even when everyone else is doing it the other way?

It is rather disturbing, that is why we all cant just sit down and watch..
Be the change
Simply do it right

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Waking up as early as 5am, I set out of Ipaja and I head to Lekki to drop off copies of the IVs for a couple of folks. FD's office was my 1st point of call.
I was lucky to have met his PA in the office, but it didnt turn out so sweet jare...hez nt gonna be free for my Friday launch... :-(
buh dreams come true, don't they? we'l c hw tins wil turn out eventually.

Spent a couple of hours in Lekki pursuing other things....mobil...VI...Ikoyi....and by 11:40 or so, I was back home.

Feels good to be back in school...at least I finally get to rest after a long stressful weekend outside.

Quite a no of folks are nt graduating and its rly hard to know who is who men..me that I just keep tellin evry1 congrats! I dunno jare

Sales of my limited pre-launch copies should happen on Friday...m lookin at a 24hr sales plan....if its possible to clear that no of copies within 24hrs?....God sees it all....lemme just play my part and he'll do this!

I'm gettin some nice deals from some folks here men...I'm just prayin these CU-preneurs don't chicken out wen they experiene the climate out there....cos it's strictly for the brave!
God bless the dude that is gettin me banner stands 4 d launch

As the CU journey comes to an end every moment is worth enjoying..
Every experience is worth the memory
Every happiness is worth the laughter
I'm not so excited that this journey is ending though
But the glory of the next pahse wipes my tears away
The colour and the honour makes my heart leap...
...ure gonna def gonna be hearing it all first from me as FizAkanee speaks!

Monday, June 28, 2010


I'm in Ipaja, Lagos
No light
My laptop is out of battery!
I'm typing on dad's new laptop 4 d 1st time, and touch-typing seems 2 b hell here!

I had a loooooooooooooong day....buh I'm glad I'm making progress
I was able to print the IVs afta chillin on dat crazy queue for 3hrs! But I'm glad it came out well though.
I was interviewed by my brother's friend today....live interviews no be joke o! Well, he was just gettin me prepared for the big day and d many tins to come, thank God for Myne and NakedSha....I was able to answer his questions cheaply....though there were some hard nuts that were almst impossible 2 crack...buh I'm really hapi abt it al.

With my long list of "places to visit", I almost ddnt go anywher at the end of d day...thank God for the persons he strategically positoned my way to help me...if not I would hv collapsed...HARRY, THANK U!!!!

Guys, d way I climb Okada wit confidence these days ehn...u'l fear
No time to claim CU graduate...I cnt b spotted on bike jare...soon u see me on Okadas, before u knw it...ure seeing me on TV, hearin me on radio....so this Okada era is the price I'm paying 4 d ultimate prize.

2mrw I return 2 Otta
In 4days I graduate
11days I launch my book
.....cant wait 4 d success story!!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Simi left a comment on my 1st post of dis blog yday n dat reawakened me 2 d fact that I've stopd back 2 shorthand.

My day started in Church and ther service was quite interesting. I was up to 1 or 2 silly tins so I wasnt in 4 d sermon. D distraction eded up nt payin off....silly me!

I was moved to tears at different points of the day and 2 or 3 drops mananged to escape my teary eyes...I get moved to tears too easily these days. The moment I just think of anytin dat has 2 do wit time, I jst get all emotional.
When I think of wher I'm comin from and when I try 2 imagine d life ahead...it rolls off freely.

So my bro shared this testimony in church and it was quite touching, he talkd about his hustling days and I could remember those moments...tryin times bt all of dat is history now.

As service ended I had 1 or 2 tins 2 discuss wit him so talked abt em in a hurry since he had 2 leave 4 an appointment, and as he drove off in his new car I tried 2 smile and b4 I knew it, I had tears rollin down my cheeks....it was on auto response...lol
Ahh!! dreams come true...u knw I could rmbr times wen we wld talk abt our future rides, d mansions, d jets n al of those tins wen ther was no kobo in d pocket....d castles we built in d air....all dreams!! Bt c wat God is doin nw, we r livin d dream

It has been a branding n strategy weekend for me with the wave of concepts that God has been showering me with!

Plus, I've been working on the El Fiz website...click here 2 link up 2 it...though homepage is stil constructn, therz lil content on other pages

The concept for my next blog just touched down...check it out

I have crazy work to do 2mrw....my schedule is crazy buh I'm believing God 4 d best. I trust he will c me thru it all

Thanks 4 visitin guys

I wish u all a great week ahead!


iN lAS Gidi AGAiN!

I got out of school this morning heading out to Silverbird galleria with the intent of presenting my book at the Silverbird bookjam after I received a call from the organiser yesterday to that effect. The bookjam holds every last Saturday of every month, it's basically book reading, interaction with the authors, book signing and raffle draw.

On getting there the guy convinced me otherwise; it was gonna be very difficult and almost impossible for him to give me a slot. But I didn't mind though because he gave a better offer, a scriptural verse humorously comes to mind right now-"for your shame you shall receive double"
So for missing out of this one, he's giving me two outings in return
July30 - Abuja
July31 - Lagos
I'll keep u guys posted.

Well, I had a nice time....1st book reading I'm attending....coincidentally ran into that FD's journalist sef. Seyi Oguntokun was in attendance n some other big boys in d world of arts n literature.
I tried tracking Tosyn Bucknor @ Terra, but by the time we got there - after bookjam ended - she was already out. We had a nice time at Terra, we were able to get a good view of the hall and all. July9 will be mega!!!!
We spent about 30mins admiring books at their bookstore....d books Nigerians are printing now are world class!!! Maddddddd concepts, quality print!

The Terra kulture guy that gave me discounts the other time even bought me a book from their stands...he just believes in me! He told me it sounded like a joke when he told the board that I paid for hall space for the launch of a book that is not yet in print!
I can just imagine how dramatic it would have sounded but u know "we walk not by sight but by faith"
The printer is done printing, all he's doing now is allowing the paper to dry up before binding and by Wednesday, I collect!

God keeps surprising me each day, delivering a unique love gift to my doorsteps, giving me cause to burst forth into jubilations and rejoicing.

Got home 8:30pm and my plate of Amala n Ewedu soup was waiting for me....that kitchen will know I'm around in these next couple of days.....eat endlessly! Lol
In las gidi again!

I got out of school this morning heading out to Silverbird galleria with the intent of presenting my book at the Silverbird bookjam after I received a call from the organiser yesterday to that effect. The bookjam holds every last Saturday of every month, it's basically book reading, interaction with the authors, book signing and raffle draw.

On getting there the guy convinced me otherwise; it was gonna be very difficult and almost impossible for him to give me a slot. But I didn't mind though because he gave a better offer, a scriptural verse humorously comes to mind right now-"for your shame you shall receive double"
So for missing out of this one, he's giving me two outings in return
July30 - Abuja
July31 - Lagos
I'll keep u guys posted.

I tried tracking Tosyn Bucknor @ Terra, but by the time we got there - after bookjam ended - she was already out. We had a nice time at Terra, we were able to get a good view of the hall and all. July9 will be mega!!!!
We spent about 30mins admiring books at their bookstore....d books Nigerians are printing now are world class!!! Maddddddd concepts, quality print!

The Terra kulture guy that gave me discounts the other time even bought me a book from their stands...he just believes in me! He told me it sounded like a joke when he told the board that I paid for hall space for the launch of a book that is not yet in print!
I can just imagine how dramatic it would have sounded but u know "we walk not by sight but by faith"
The printer is done printing, all he's doing now is allowing the paper to dry up before binding and by Wednesday, I collect!

God keeps surprising me each day, delivering a unique love gift to my doorsteps, giving me cause to burst forth into jubilations and rejoicing.

Got home 8:30pm and my plate of Amala n Ewedu soup was waiting for me....that kitchen will know I'm around in these next couple of days.....eat endlessly! Lol

Friday, June 25, 2010


Today might as well just qualify as the best day of my life!

God touched me!

The impartation service was out of this world, the teaching so powerful, the prayers like no other....it was power packed!

I've never been this sure and confident about my success in life like I am right now. God's word came strong and I left that service today with a strong conviction that I will be the one to bring honour to my Alma mata, to reflect the vision of this great institution, so watch out.....watch out.......God just started with me.

I put a call through to a brother's friend today and as I he heard it was me...his eyes opened up and he remembers he has a platform for me.
As I speak to u now, I am already getting set to talk about my book in the time slot the organisers are giving me at this month's edition of BookJam @ Silverbird galleria. This is the best so far for me....ideally, I'm supposed to have printed my book and enroll earlier before I can be put up on the programmer, but God's favour!!! I am seriously grateful to God for this platform
The organiser has requested a meeting with me before the programme kicks off and I can imagine what our conversation will be like....he will just luv me again like the ohers have!

So if ure in las gidi 2mrw u will do well by stopping by to check me out
check out the event link here

Thursday, June 24, 2010


We thought it was going to be the last day of the great feast but as things are right now, we are slated to have a bigger feast by tomorrow morning; The Chancellor has declared he wants to lay His annointed hands on each one of us before we leave, so...we patiently await that session.

TTG was yet again explosive today. I cant believe I ended up enjoying TTG.
The impression we had about it before we started was a far cry from what we are experiencing right now. We had fun most of the time.

As I arrived in chapel today and I was looking for where to seat, someone a friend introduced to me yesterday offered me a seat and I had one of the most humbling or should I say overwhelming moments in CU.
The magazine she had in her hands contains 3 of my articles and I'm also on the production team as well, and in the course of the not-so-interesting 1st lecture, she was taking notes from the magazine! I've never seen anyone read a magazine with so much interest and intent...I was shocked.
I was moved when I saw the previous notes she had on taken on the other articles, well u need to understand how I felt when I saw the notes she took on my piece...I felt substantial, I was elated! And to crown it all she had this sticky note that read "search for Tolu Akanni on Facebook" and........I felt like I was living the dream!
We had a very interesting career discussion and I'm pretty impressed by her drive and what trips me most about her is her insatiable thirst for knowledge....it's on a strange order!

We wrote TTG exams.
In my usual fashion, I was lucky to find my way in to do it with the 1st batch, and thank God I did. I heard they had server problems after the 1st batch finished..these ppl and their technology!
I did the 30mins test in 10:06mins and I had 50/60....and I'm happy we are not that plenty on the 50s list...so I did 'exclusively' good!!

Funny enough, just like the heavens heard my complaints about the down turn in numbers of business talks I've been having lately...I was caught with a CEO friend discussing business for close to 3hours after the TTG exams!
Another friend stopped by in the course of our discussion and from our talk, I might doing a 10mins presentation on "brands to watch out for" at the launch since I already have something 'El Fiz' cooking as well

I changed my mind about rushing out to Lagos, I need to do some comprehensive paper work before I hit that city....I pray touch of tomorrow opens me up to another level of inspiration needed to effectively pull it off.

A-Z LIFE LESSONS to be launched in 15days
I'm trying to get a radio and if possible a TV interview before the launch.
A good number of media houses have assured their presence
Yada magazine
Mitre magazine
Bella Naija
Silverbird TV
....and there might just be more in the coming days!

I miss blogsville...I hope I'ld be able to read blogs this weekend.
Special shout outs to Myne, Jaycee, Yankeenaijababe, Dew, NakedSha, Harry, Bonnie, Fregz, Dammie, Muyiwa....
...and to all those that follow this blog...its always good to have u around. Thanks!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tonite is one of those nites that I have loads of stuffs to rant about so if ure down to hear it all...:read along!

I've noticed that in these last days a lot of persons around me are getting distracted; balance is fast becoming an issue for many, and this is rather displeasant.

I take pride in the fact that I can multi-task conveniently, I can effectively link up n converse with two persons with contrasting interests and personalities at the same time, I can handle business effectively even during exams and all of that.....but many people can't do that!

I've noticed a lot of persons getting distracted by new friendships and it's paining me that I'm constantly falling on the list of 'old friends'. But I'm used to this phase, the runaway friends get tired of the new friends and easily run back to their roots. And I don't think I want to be fallen back upon this time again. Not like I'm not making new friends as well....buh there's something bout old wine..

I'm seeing some CEO friends getting distracted. I've not even had business talks with some people I expect to be hovering round me these last days for my ideas and contributions to their take-off plans, and I'm shaking my head in pity because I'm meeting people now, establishing new links with each passing day and I'm crying to have people I can carry along....but they won't come and I won't go meet them!

I'm getting scared of business relationships kind of, judging from the terrible experience I had with peeps during IT. I'm not down to start dancing around with someone's balloon dream; this was what I was sharing with someone who was complaining to me about the unseriousness of 'CU-preneur' friends. I was quick to share the words of my boss with him "THERE IS NOTHING LIKE UR OWN THING, THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN RUNNING UR OWN THING BY URSELF"

One has to watch how one runs after another man's dream, if not it will end up bringing pain and avoidable disappointments. This is why I keep advising those in partnership to document roles n b legally bound, but that deceitful cloak of "ahn ahn....hez my personal person now" blurs out their vision.

It's rather humorous to know that I have a friend who won't talk to me again because she felt she was correcting me and I won't listen....she says "take caution" and I say "allow me, taking caution is not my thing..Phil4:6 even backs me up on that" in reaction to that it's been 'hello' 'hi's......y???
I'm trying to be sure the problem is not me and my self appraisal tells me I'm not the problem. But even if I'm the problem, momentary friendship overlooks temporary misbehaviour. So y shun me?

TTG end tomorrow and I'm glad it's finally over, it has been choking my intellectual will. I have a pending branding job to do, pending consultancy work to do on an event, and A-Z LIFE LESSONS keeps unravelling new chapters with each passing day....imagine the same me that just claimed I can multi-task complaining oh!!

I'm grateful to GOD for the lecturer who summoned me yesterday, they discovered that my 6units project recorded score was '0'
Glory to God, it has been corrected!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I cant believe TTG is ending in 2days!

It looked like it was going to last forever when it started, but time has just been moving too fast..
Today was cool, quality pack of lecturers....the 1st speaker...Pastor Mrs Oyedepo and her relationship talk..the guy that spoke on 'the world of works' exposing us to necessary skills needed to keep one's head high during job interviews......a most refreshing and impactful lecture delivered by the vice chancellor, she talked extensively on breaking the status quo and creating new rules....the last speaker is really not worth mentioning, he dulled us!

I had good seat mates today...1st it was a new friend for the morning session...then 4 d rest of the day, Harry and d mass comm crew....Harry being a treasure box of ideas, I had to draw close to him to be sure book launch plans are right on track.

Saw runnaway friend, D-Mac today!!!! I know u wont see this oh...spoiler a.k.a Báséjé!!

I have been summoned by a lecturer to come over to departmental building by 7am and I am still in shock..neve received such a call before and it sound crazy urgent....I dunno what is happening oh. God help me!!

I really feel bad I've not been doing my blog-rounds in recent time....I hope to be back on that P soonest!

Monday, June 21, 2010


It's past midnight and I cannot sleep
It's 11days to my graduation from the university
18 days to the launch of my book
The giver of life has blessed me so much
That the thought of each blessing makes my teary eye drip
I only started planting and this little seed has grown big
It only just started, that is why it is a burden
The thought of how big it will become makes me tremble
Events turning out with precision and in perfection
The more I think the more I sob
It's exciting
So exciting I lack the articulation to define it with words
It's a call to greatness
Meaning there's no greater call
With appreciation to God
I thought to write to a mentor
So I opened my notepad.exe, typed out my thoughts
Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V... leke@lekealder.com

I was able to fill out the nominations list on the category B of the Nigerian blog awards and I see no reason why anyone who believes in me won't nominate me.

Sunday, June 20, 2010


WOW!!! mY lASt sUNdAY sERViCE iN CU!!!

ANOthER hAPPY dAy iN My liFE.
God welcomed us all into the day with the early morning showers of blessings; the rain wasn't so heavy but it just poured continously and this cost me a late arrival in chapel, got into chapel with my friends like 45mins after the 3hour service started.
The sermon was awesome...my #2 ranking minister in this ministry, after Papa - Pastor Dele Bamgboye preached on "Ruling your world through supernatural power" and was in his usual style, absolutely practical in his delivery....that message was for me!

I got wet trekking to the cafetaria after the service because my hungry belly won't mind.

Then the day ended in grand style with the EIE cocktail, it made plenty sense!! It was fun all through for me..all of my guests had fun too. It was just too cool, there was happiness all around...5years in this school is no child's play so the source of the excitement is absolutely understandable.
There was plenty to drink, excess to eat, there was quality music (can't rmbr hearing any gospel song...purely secular...which neva happens in CU), enough grooving, pictures et al.

I'm gonna miss my course mates badly!

This new week is a great week for me.
By the grace of God, my pre-launch copies should be out this week!
I'm hoping to have more celebrities on my guest list
More launchers
More concepts
.....and definitely more fun!!!

Pictures coming soon
Check out pictures of Saturday's community service here

Saturday, June 19, 2010


You know I keep asking why no one told us that it was going to be this fun right at the end of the journey.
I've been having fun all through!! Today was just ccrazily fun!
We had our community development exercise in Otta market where we had, sorry, they had to clean up the place, sweeping, clearing dump sites and all of that(I was playing all through...all play and no work). The bus ride to the market was funnnnnnnnnnnnnn...guys were just cracking up, dancing, rapping, droopping some crazy flows and all.
I chilled with countless number of folks today, real friends, casual friends, random folks, there was freedom in the air so we all were relating like we've known ourselves since forever. I wonder what this school would have been like if there was more freedom in the air.

The event I talked about on monday - the birthday party failed again! Like I said, I saw it coming and I wasn't so surprised at the outcome.
Why do people shy away from celebratiing their birthday parties? As a Yoruba jayé jáyé boy it annoys me badly! come on, it's your birthday, a day to be grateful to God for giving you life and the wisdom to count the number of your days; I see it as a time to apprecaite God for the people around you, a time to tell such persons 'thank you', a time to have people bless you and say things into your life.
I love birthdays!! I cant help but celebrate every birthday because really there's always a cause to celebrate; I think I place more value on my birthdays because I always approach each one with a target, I always have a new feat that I must have attained to celebrate and be thankful to God for. I love to see people eat and dine on my bill...it gives me joy!

I know there's someone reading this who doesn't attach any concrete relevance to birthdays, it is because of you that I'm bringing this up; Open your eyes there is more to birthday celebrations.


It might sound like a cliché when I say I am having a time of my life, but really u just have to believe it, I AM HAVING A TIME OF MY LIFE!!!

Was out of school in the early hours of the day because I had to get some things across to the printer. My trip to my destination was cool but my return wasn't so pleasurable; just as I was going to get out of the bus, the bus hit a motorcycle as it was making a U-turn. How terrible it was? I don't know cos I never look at such, all I can remember seeing was that people were trying to drag the motorcycle out as it was stuck under the bus!
"Though a thousand may fall beside you and a multitude by your right side, it will not reach you"
Something similar happened on Monday as I was leaving Lagos and I am grateful to God for keeping me through all of this.

TTG was something else.
There was this organisation that came to host a seminar, and.....it was something else.
After giving CU my blood and urine for HIV, pregnancy, marijuana and alcohol test I went in to be a part of the session.
I felt insulted listening to 2 public speakers who couldn't construct correct sentences, those guys lacked the elocution. I was boiling all through. Though it would have been a different case if the guy had the content and delivery was the issue but he was lacking at both ends of the scale.
U wont believe the 1st speaker claims he has over 30 certifications! And I'm like if this guy can have such, anyone can have certifications....they were just saying rubbish.
But I'm grateful to God that I learnt something out of all of that, which is the fact that SUCCESS IS CHEAP.
The journey to success is overrated, the successful have made it sound like it really is a big big bigggg deal, but it is not. It is something u just do, it is just a lifestyle, most times the successful don't really see what others feel so excited about in what they do. If a person that claims to have 30certifications, and cannot speak good english claims to be a BRAND CONSULTANT, then there is room for all CU graduates to hit it biggggggggg.

I have been saying this all week long and let me say it here that a time will came - I'm looking at 2015 - when CU will sign a $20million deal with El Fiz concept to rebrand the Towards a Total Graduate (TTG) program.
I promise y'al that it will be mega mega.

To my CU friends that equally felt insulted listening to those guys yesterday.
1. Trust me, those 30 certifications are not substantial certifications, if they were he would have given us a load down.
2. Certifications are cram n pass ish....mostly past questions. If u have the opportunity to, go grab yours too.
3. There are loads of people like that who just carry big containers all around town with little or no content. It's a packaging world, u might want to take maximum advantage of it.
4. What u have in u is way better than what those guys carry, u stand a bigger chance, exploit ur opportunities.
5. Success is overrated, it is not that hard to come by, it is child's play...start something and u'll know what I'm talking about.

Thank you for reading.
It is my desire that things go well for u too.

Corgito Ergo Sum..
Tolu Fiz Akanee

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I've not had a day like today in a short while.
Today was beautiful!
I finally got my project defense done with, and the defense panel was sweet.....we just found favour!
TTG was equally good with Pastor 'Dele Bamgboye. That man is simply good! He brought sense out of TTG sharing his life-experiences with us at length.


Now this was all I could write as I woke up at 5:30am this morning with the intention of going for my only TMC make-up jogging exercise this morning. Based on self-policy, I had to update my blog before stepping out of the room but since it wasn't flowing so good with my heavy eyes that were craving to be shut just a little longer, I left the room by 6am. I was up until 3:15am preparing for printing work that will kick off today and at the same time typing mails to a couple of parents I'm expecting at my launch.

Well, it wasn't just the sleep and blogging that led to the delay I was again caught up at a crossroad - whether to pay my bribe and skip the jogging or to just do it myself; but it didn't take too long for me to overlook the bribe, how can I? I can talk someone out of a situation neatly and not feel guilty, but money changing hands??? It will bring more pain than joy!
So I got dressed, left my room at 6am for a 5:30am jogging and as I was walking down to the court, I was just thanking God, committing the day into His hands, praying in the Spirit and I kept on saying "favour, honour....it's a favour call, it's a honour call.." over and over again.
By the time I got to the basketball court, a good number of people had already finished jogging, those that were giving out tags at various locations were already returning and one official just told me "go back to enjoy your sleep" and then I saw the pool life guard who happens to be my guy and I explained to him that I woke up late and he goes "and you're still telling me, sign now!"
I signed and...

As I returned to my hall all I could say was "favour, honour....it's a favour call, it's a honour call.." as tears began to flow freely from my eyes......
It reminded me of one Tastee Fried Chicken billboard in Otta that reads
"Fast food good
Good fast food"
and I'm like
"Fast God good
Good fast God"
This was a miracle being pulled off in real time
God is real!

As I was under Pastor Bamgboye's teaching yesterday I could feel what the man was feeling, he was communicating directly to me....practical christainity. I could relate with most of the things he was saying, nothing happens by chance really...you have to envision it before it can. I jokingly told someone this week that I won't have to jog, that I will just sign.
"Corgito ergo sum"

Vivian had a good dose of me yesterday....a contagious dose as she called it.
God has been opening my eyes to a couple of things since TTG started and I had been looking for a platform to share it with someone, then she came in handy and I didn't let her go until I was done talking. Very soon I'll talk about some of them here, but the ish is that people just see all those things as pride, but it is not...God opened my eyes to it and since He has promised Abraham that "as far as your eyes can see I shall give unto you", by opening our eyes to these things, He opens our life to the manifestation of such.

Did you guys listen to that pastor yesterday?? When you hear it from a clergy you will say he's boasting in the Lord right? Allow me boast in my God too. I've realised that because of His jealousy, He's not so excited that some are making it big without giving any form of regard to his majesty, so He's all out to flourish the few that are doing it in His name!

God is taking me to the next level and I'm most excited about this!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


TTG is killing me cos I'm so clumsy right now.
I finally got the opportunity to have my project defense yesterday when we faced the panel like 2hrs after kick-off. We were just 2mins into our presentation when electricity was interrupted, thinking it was a change-over we were still calm for the first 2mins that followed after which it became obvious that we were in the middle of a big mess. The power house had switched off the generator!
The lecturers on the panel got angry went to their various offices, grabbed their car keys and within the next couple of minutes almost all of them had left the departmental building. I'm not enjoying overtime in Otta!

If not because other good things are happening in my life, I would probably be in a traumatic state right now..but I know all things work together for good and I'm beginning to sense maybe God doesn't want me to leave school.

I'm not even happy I've almost not had any personal time of talking to God at length this week.....I miss my daddy!

P.S. Muyiwa put me up on people in limelight today, you guys should check it out. Thank you!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've not had a day this annoying in a very long while
TTG classes were crazy boring
Was on my feet for long hours hustling to get project defense done with, yet it was in all in vain...no defense!

But the day started on a very good note, I had loads of personal ish to work on during the 1st session of TTG, so I wasn't into the boring lectures. But I had to stop that after that like 2hours when I got a seatmate...I had one of the most challenging discussions of a lifetime with her, we were discussing business, entrepreneurship actually and I was trying to take down every plan, highlighting the cons but to a reasonable extent she happened to pass the test which is something that will almost never happen on a normal day.

In no time we were done discussing her plans and the tables turned and men, it was tough! I've never had anyone challenge me that much in a long time as she was trying to do the same thing I did to her to me, it was breath-taking...she analysed everything!
It was tough but u can trust me to sell myself well now, I'm happy I didn't sink.

That conversation ended as the chancellor arrived to deliver his most refreshing and most enlightening lecture on the power of knowledge, that man has wits!

I have to go back to bed jare

Thanks for stopping by.


Monday, June 14, 2010


As I returned from TTG classes, I had 5missed calls from my ex-boss I flashed, he called and the news was WOW! Best printer deal so far on this book ish...I'm super excited men!

Checking my Yahoo inbox, Bella Naija replies a mail I sent about a month ago...ready to publicise the book and the launch on their site.

Life is just beautiful and I'm just lost here right now singing this song of worship
You make my life so beautiful
And as you are you have made here on earth
There's nothing greater than thee
That's why I love you forever more

I want more of you, Jesus
The more I know you
Is the more I want to know you
Jesus, more of you

And as I was typing this a friend came in and we were discussing career opportunities. He's into photography and I was sharing thoughts that came to my mind as I was in Terra kulture the other day on how we could have a little photography exhibition. He could get some of his works printed n framed and have a stand at the venue.
I'm bringing this up because we are a bit sketchy on our plans and I know you guys will definitely have one or two concepts to add on how to make the photography exhibition successful..so don't hesitate to leave comments or just mail me directly via tolu.akanni@elfizconcept.com

After a 5:30am departure from home I was in school by 7:00am
TTG = Toward a Total Graduate.
TTG started today, 7:30am
Its a part of the CU curriculum, a programme aimed at preparing final year students of CU for the graduate experience.
I have my reserves about the whole thing, but I want to 'enjoy' it for one more day before I make my complete judgement and tell it the way I see it publicly.

It's another night of greatness!

Btw, I have an event to manage this weekend, birthday party; I've never been lucky organising one...d celebrants always disappoint at the end of d day and I'm not sure if I want to do this one last time. I should talk to God about it.

Plus I finally have my project defense for tomorrow, so you guys pray for me oh!

It's yet another night of greatness
I have a melody in my heart

Sunday, June 13, 2010



After my early departure from school through one funny route Asiwaju led us through, las gidi welcomed us with the early morning showers.
I made a quick stop over at the Aboki's kiosk to get a shaving stick and I did a quick clean up on the street...Mrs Akanni has zero-tolerance for beards and I didn't want to spoil her Sunday. Well, within 90mins of my departure from Otta I got to church just when the sermon started and the pastor was preching on ermmm... ehnn...**scratch head**...I didn't take notes, but he was talking about service to God sha, one captivating caption like this.

Made my way home as soon as first service ended only to discover mom was off to an undisclosed location, and as dad was getting ready for his service I treated myself to a nice breakfast..I know I picked 3 pieces from the stew pot sha...free food!

After a short nap, I drove out to chill with a friend that just traveled in..reunion made sense sha! We chilled in a restaurant for hours...peppered meat, peppered chicken..I must gain weight oh!

Evening was spent with family.

I was having one sweet dream like that oh but it was slowly interrupted by a melody in my room, mom couldn't contain her excitement that she had to wake me up with her song of thanksgiving. After 2 more songs it was showers of blessings!!! She prayed, prayed, and prayed, and I was blessed, blessed, blessed and blessed!

Had a business meeting with my creditors...printing should start Tuesday!
Had my first face-to-face discussion with dad about the book and even though it looked like my plans were strong enough at first, it ended on a very good note..if u have any idea about how thorough my dad could be u might understand my excitement right now. I just passed a major test!

I have to be back to Otta by 7am tomorrow morning..God help me!
Still dunno wats up wit project defense that they keep postponing..God help me!

Happy Sunday to you all, hope u have a great week ahead!!!

coming soon

Friday, June 11, 2010


After an unusual date that lasted for 5hours, 30mins I return to the reality of the fact that I'm actually in school because of my project defense.

Project? The 2 guys doing the construction in my group had a war of words this night, work is still not near full completion and the acclaimed deadline for defense is tomorrow!

I can't handle this right now, I'm just focusing on the fact that functionality is just 10% and the 70% 'A' mark is still attainable. But again, it sounds funny somehow right?
I recognise this phase, I've been through this before...I'll end up smiling, that I'm sure of.

Seriously Tolu, 5hrs 30mins of what????
First it was catch up, since we used to talk like everyday and there was 2 weeks of discommunication cause of her faulty lappy....then business, then relationships, then career, back to business again, then summer, then summer boat cruise on the day after the launch, then business again focusing more on the book launch, then relationships again, then parenting, then childhood things...
It was non-stop fun exploring 360degrees. Doesn't look like that will ever happen again....21days to graduation! Today is my last idle day in CU :-(

I'm done with my thesis now and I have to print, so I cant talk much. Defense, here I come!!

Special shout out to Juanita...she dedicated this poem to me on her blog.
as in, I looooooooooooooooooove the piece!

Where you stand- For Tolu Akanni

You, young warrior
Soldier of the motherland
You carry her on your shoulders
She treats you like her blood

You envision with pride
Inspire with love
Teach with allure
Praise no Other

Your name shall be known
Your fame will grow
Many glorious days
Young warrior
Many triumphant nights

Success is your mate
You're destined for greatness
Your time is just beginning
He will always
Hold you close

Where you stand, warrior
This is your time.

Just a shout out to Tolu Akanni
Mehn the dude just inspires me, just go over and you'll understand what I'm going on about.
Congrats on his new book :)
And check out Starcrossed

Thursday, June 10, 2010


The streets were the same
The entrance the same
The setting the same
The same with what?

But again it wasn't the same
This wasn't Km. 10 Idiroko!
This wasn't Otta

Fine, it was 9pm in the night and I saw persons entering the school gate with me holding on to their bibles and I'm like "bibles??....in these zones?" but I kept walking, the security guys looked like the same, car checks and all, well lit streets with all the streets lights functioning....just at about four minutes into my walk, I heard the music..."yea...that's what I'm talking about" I said to myself.
I went to the park, picked a cab to take me to my destination - the place was a bit far off the regular hostels, so I couldnt use the campus shuttles.
My cab ride was interesting, there was no AC though but I didnt need it even with my suit on, it was evening, the weather was chilly, he was driving relatively fast, so that was covered. As we drove through the streets I a group of girls on skimpy skirts and I said "letter of warning" soon I was distracted by another bunch of folks fondling with their mobile phones and I said "ah...3weeks suspension" to the couple that were hugging each other I smiled as I wondered "1 year suspenson" and to the dude that had a red dot between his lips and smoke covering his face I pondered "expulsion"
I sure didn't get university education!
I think I took university classes though...lol

My dearest UNILAG!!!
I could remember those days as a growing child when I used to make occasional visits to the campus with my parents to check on my elder brothers mostly when they were writing exams - cause really they came home every other weekend- and I would dream about how I would live my own life as a student in that school, all those young naive imaginations.
I'm quite positive that getting admission into that school would have ruined my life, peer pressure would have robbed my soul off its colour, so I can't really cry over what I missed, buh men...how do they read in that place? Distractions unlimited..parties, class difference, cultism, freedom....

Anyways my business appointment turned out good. My skye high colleague and friend is promising something big for the paparazi of the launch. How big I can't tell, but it all depends on how big Elan, 234next, Bella naija n Silverbird TV sounds to you...

**********That was how yesterday ended*****************

But things still happened in the early hours of the day.

I was at Visible Impact
Fela Durotoye's office. I went there to see his media assistant/PR personnel concerning the foreword thing, I got tired of dragging the issue it's been frustrating getting him to download the attachment, I tried so hard to get someone to drop the CD off at the Lekki office...no luck and I had been on this ish for like 2months now...so I had to do it myself!

After waiting for the guy for about an hour and half ( I couldn't complain becasue I didnt fix an appointment) he got to the office and we got talking. I gave him the CD to view the book but his PC was messing up, so he tried to restart...in the course of our discussion I mentioned it that I was lauching 9th of July and the guy went "Better don't rush yourself oh, it takes 3-4 months before Mr Fela does that oh"
Within 5mins the PC came on and he started viewing...as soon as he finished viewing he goes "This is great! When did you say you want it? Give me 2weeks!"
That was a mega favour call

"The biggest things of life come on the simplest platform"

The bargain came cheap, it was just God.
From the on set, I knew I was going to get an unusual discount and just as I had thought, it happened that way. The librarian who happens to be in charge of the reading me just had an unusual interest in me, he was just showing me everything! You know, and the guy wasn't what I was expecting him to look like, I was expecting some guy on suit like I was, sitting in the comfort of his office, but this wasnt this case, this man was simple yet he had control over the big things that mattered. He made one or two utterances at the beginning of the conversation that caused me to pick the signals that there's more to this man and I wasn't disappointed at all

Sincerely there's so much to talk about, I have a whole lot of interesting topics to write about just from the experience of these 2 days alone; you know, if you know anyone in CU that blogs daily/weekly...you should appreciate such persons because our routine existence lives us with little to talk about..but when ure in las gidi..ur inspiration is coming from a higher level

I'm also sleep-blogging...really stressed out...typos wil b corrected at dawn0

Myne, you just added more colour to my career, thanks for interviewing me!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I'm having the best time of my life outside school.

Fresh doors opening

I felt overdressed with my suit and all as I was leaving school, knowing so well that I wasn't doing it the cab way and that it was a wet day in town. Ash was definitely the wrong colour of trouser to pick for such a journey, but something in me wouldn't just let go...did I regret it or not? Read my blog tomorrow

It was a most refreshing time at Fela Durotoye's office, his PR guy can never ever forget me again..I'm sure of that, our moment was...
When I always tell people don't be shy to sell yourself, it's not pride they wont listen...I put that to practice again today and the outcome? Read my blog tomorrow

My Terrakulture trip left me believing more in page 80 of my book where I wrote
"The biggest things of life come on the simplest platform"

I was in UNILAG this night, and men....can we really call CU a university? I could remember one of our professors referring to the university as the universe + city i.e. a city where the entire universe is represented. We sure dont have that diversity in CU, we don't have those distractions, it's just a different ball game! I will talk more on that later...

I learnt tooooooo much of real life lessons today, I'll fill you guys in as soon as I return to school....limited internet time here...lol

Tuesday, June 8, 2010



Monday, June 7, 2010


How come the last is always the toughest?

Men, it's not been beans reading for tomorrow's paper oh!!
I've been struggling all day! In my bid to relax and have a stress-free weekend I washed off the exam spirit and that didn't do me much good for the early hours of today because I was forcing it, but I can still smile though...I now know something :-)
I pray this paper goes well because I cut out too many topics out of my reading list, with the way I'm dedicated to the couple of select topics I have read, you might want to think I've seen the question paper before the exam..this strategy has worked for all other exams...as in lazy Tolu cant just read all the topics, I pray it doesn't feel this last time.

After tomorrow, what next? Let me just wait till then before my thoughts take me out of this academic mode.

Today was like my best day ever in this month, it kind of felt like a birthday somehow, woke up to see NakedSha posting up my interview with her on her blog...was just too excited when I saw it.

Reading hours weren't so pleasant though, those were the only low moments of the day, I called Terra Kulture again, they've not slyed me..July9 is still open, am still hoping I'll get a discount from them when I go down this week.

I had a wonderful time chatting with a friend for about an hour in the library( I got tired of reading now!!!...lol), as in....it was good talk!
Then this evening was mega...I made 5 new friends within the space of 40mins, and I don't know what spirit was on me tonight, I was just cracking everyone up, everyone second they spent with me was worthwhile...I got a free dinner pass to some class dinner this Friday though I'm not sure I will be in school, but if I'm in school why not? free fooood men!

I'm loving every minute of these 25days to grad!
How come no one hinted us it was gonna be this fun?
I'm just blessed
Stick with me!

Myne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U deserve it!
Harry, thumbs up
Jaycee..who else can come close?


Sunday, June 6, 2010



The month of June has been bringing smiles my way, loads of mega blessings knocking heavily, the past week was a most refreshing one, clearing my papers all the way, genuinely smiling out of the exam hall, rejoicing and celebrating.

A-Z LIFE LESSONS giving me more joy with each passing day, word spreading fast, more individuals, groups, organisations showing interest and you guys really need to be here with me to understand how I feel each nite as I lay on my bed to sleep. For reals I cant even shout because its humbling, when did I start, what have I done? I'm really happy God has been helping me cope because I've never had to multi-task during my exams, handling my academics and business is not something I've tried out up until now and I'm happy it's been fun and both ends are yielding good.

Papa's presence at the Tuesday service really helped my week, I had a great time with God this week waiting on Him and taking out extra time to listen to Him, I made some crazy, life-transforming discoveries from the scriptures this week!

I rejoice with my brother today, I'm sure his introduction ceremony was a success! Can't wait to with my family this weekend....it's going to be mega!
As of now, I don't see how I'm gonna get out of school legally, I just pray I scale through with whatever plan I come up with.

I don't have much to say this night jare, it is still very annoying to remember that I have one paper to go as I cant wait to start my movie roll for the night:
Valentines day
Iron man2
Prince of persia
It's definitely a long, chilly nite ahead!

I came across a striking brand today 'NakedSha' culled from Rom1:16...I'm just loving it all the way.

In conclusion,
"Even when you flaw, society forgives when you keep generating results, be productive!" - El Fiz

Saturday, June 5, 2010


FLIGHT SERIES III : The 7 lessons

(special dedication to members of the graduating class of 2010)

With just one paper to go and my academic burden getting lighter, I can think more clearly and enjoy what those that have longed finished their papers are enjoying. It's 2:30am in the morning and I just returned back to my room after 1hour of browsing in a friend's room, trying to send out one or two mails and uploading my blog.

As I lay on my bed now it slowly comes back to my mind again that in a couple of days from now I won't be able to do all of these again, I won't be able to lie on this bed again for life, Daniel hall will never be my hall of residence ever, no more daily signing of roll-call at night, that ID card we swipe will be irrelevant forever, and I won't have all of these people I cherish dearly all around me at the same time again.

It is finally here!!!!!
We all looked forward to it, but really can we handle it?
We were caught up in this kind of emotional state when we ended secondary school, I could remember babes shedding tears that day as we exchanged departure pleasantries; very few guys felt what those babes were feeling, we were way over excited looking forward to the new life ahead. As a person, I didn't feel any of those emotional things that day, Covenant University was tops on my mind, it was the only thing I could think of considering the fact that my admission letter came in the day before, so in my regular fashion I focused on the big picture and I was numb to the feelings of the immediate.

But I soon got tired of the big picture 2days later, because Monday came and there was nowhere to dress up and rush out to. It wasn't the regular summer break that we had holiday lessons that would normally start two weeks after vacation to look up to. It was going to be 4months of preparations for the journey ahead, but 'preparation' was just a title, just a glorified brand for the long days of idleness ahead.

Getting back what obtains now.

Life after CU will definitely not be any different from this, the July to November NYSC walk is a very long one. Please let me ask you, 4months of what?
Everyone is shouting, 4months of ‘paroles’, work, summer vacation, rest, self-development, self-discovery, self-employment, and all sorts of business.
80% of members of the graduating class want to serve in Lagos or Abuja, a privilege only about 25% might enjoy at the end of the day. And even though that's a random statistic with no proof of validation, it is neither completely invalid nor irrelevant; it’s the first inkling into realisation of age long principle of life that says we don’t always get what we want!
I could remember how IT went for us, most of us set out with big dreams of earning big pay, getting mega jobs, living in class and comfort, but you need to sit down and take a statistical ‘expectation-to-outcome’ analysis, you will laugh your brains out at the outcome!

Why am I bringing out these instances? PATTERNS!!!!!

Don't joke with patterns; the patterns of this life don't really change.

I was privileged to know a couple of friends of my brothers' in their university days, some of which I related with as fellow members of the board of directors of a limited liability company that they set up then. Unfortunately, our business didn't stand the test of time. But that's not the point, I didn't get to see some of those guys for a period of about 4-5years, but as God will have it we reunited during my brother's wedding;
Trust me, formulas can't handle life, it is God that makes a man. I've seen people being transformed from broke UNILAG boys to millionaire UNILAG graduates. I've seen people who lived hand-to-mouth being transformed to multimillionaires within weeks. It is God!

I want you to take note of these key lessons; you might want to write them down because it will speak in the coming days.
1. If you don’t have GOD anything can happen to you.

2. Not everyone will start out big and comfortable; everyone stands a chance and will eventually make it, it is only a matter of time.
3. Don't ever let go off friends you make while climbing up in life. (I'm still in touch with almost all my secondary school mates!). The higher you climb, the more difficult you find it to trust people.

4. That you get there before others is an ‘engracement’ from God, it is not your achievement.
If others get there before you, fear not, it's only a sign that you are next on the line.

5. Gone are the days when the best of things are reserved for those with the best of skills, we live in era in which the best things of life are exclusive to those with the best of friends. Keep contact!!

6. Life is filled with uncertainties, don't be too rigid, always have alternatives!
I beg you, plan A, B, C, D and E.
Plan A- Lagos NYSC, UK MSc, Shell job, US MSc
Plan B- Kano NYSC, Unilag MSc, GLO job
Plan C- US MSc, Apple job. US PhD
Plan D- MTN job, Ericsson job, entrepreneurship
I beg of you, as you make predefined plans, seek out time to factor alternatives if you don’t want to be stranded.

7. Never, ever forget Tolu Akanni! Stick with me

I miss you guys already!