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Monday, June 14, 2010


As I returned from TTG classes, I had 5missed calls from my ex-boss I flashed, he called and the news was WOW! Best printer deal so far on this book ish...I'm super excited men!

Checking my Yahoo inbox, Bella Naija replies a mail I sent about a month ago...ready to publicise the book and the launch on their site.

Life is just beautiful and I'm just lost here right now singing this song of worship
You make my life so beautiful
And as you are you have made here on earth
There's nothing greater than thee
That's why I love you forever more

I want more of you, Jesus
The more I know you
Is the more I want to know you
Jesus, more of you

And as I was typing this a friend came in and we were discussing career opportunities. He's into photography and I was sharing thoughts that came to my mind as I was in Terra kulture the other day on how we could have a little photography exhibition. He could get some of his works printed n framed and have a stand at the venue.
I'm bringing this up because we are a bit sketchy on our plans and I know you guys will definitely have one or two concepts to add on how to make the photography exhibition successful..so don't hesitate to leave comments or just mail me directly via tolu.akanni@elfizconcept.com

After a 5:30am departure from home I was in school by 7:00am
TTG = Toward a Total Graduate.
TTG started today, 7:30am
Its a part of the CU curriculum, a programme aimed at preparing final year students of CU for the graduate experience.
I have my reserves about the whole thing, but I want to 'enjoy' it for one more day before I make my complete judgement and tell it the way I see it publicly.

It's another night of greatness!

Btw, I have an event to manage this weekend, birthday party; I've never been lucky organising one...d celebrants always disappoint at the end of d day and I'm not sure if I want to do this one last time. I should talk to God about it.

Plus I finally have my project defense for tomorrow, so you guys pray for me oh!

It's yet another night of greatness
I have a melody in my heart


dew said...

What of instant photography or the excerpts of the book in pictures?

Tolu Akanni said...

Yeah...that makes a lot of sense, we are thinking of something along that line too sha.