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Sunday, June 13, 2010



After my early departure from school through one funny route Asiwaju led us through, las gidi welcomed us with the early morning showers.
I made a quick stop over at the Aboki's kiosk to get a shaving stick and I did a quick clean up on the street...Mrs Akanni has zero-tolerance for beards and I didn't want to spoil her Sunday. Well, within 90mins of my departure from Otta I got to church just when the sermon started and the pastor was preching on ermmm... ehnn...**scratch head**...I didn't take notes, but he was talking about service to God sha, one captivating caption like this.

Made my way home as soon as first service ended only to discover mom was off to an undisclosed location, and as dad was getting ready for his service I treated myself to a nice breakfast..I know I picked 3 pieces from the stew pot sha...free food!

After a short nap, I drove out to chill with a friend that just traveled in..reunion made sense sha! We chilled in a restaurant for hours...peppered meat, peppered chicken..I must gain weight oh!

Evening was spent with family.

I was having one sweet dream like that oh but it was slowly interrupted by a melody in my room, mom couldn't contain her excitement that she had to wake me up with her song of thanksgiving. After 2 more songs it was showers of blessings!!! She prayed, prayed, and prayed, and I was blessed, blessed, blessed and blessed!

Had a business meeting with my creditors...printing should start Tuesday!
Had my first face-to-face discussion with dad about the book and even though it looked like my plans were strong enough at first, it ended on a very good note..if u have any idea about how thorough my dad could be u might understand my excitement right now. I just passed a major test!

I have to be back to Otta by 7am tomorrow morning..God help me!
Still dunno wats up wit project defense that they keep postponing..God help me!

Happy Sunday to you all, hope u have a great week ahead!!!

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NakedSha said...

I can imagine that your mum danced into the room, gesticulating and singing her heart out to God...Soooo my mother.

I can also imagine how you feel. My father is articulate and thorough like that. It's 'almost' a privilege to pass his tests! :|

I pray all continues to go well!

Jaycee said...

Everything Nakedsha said is the same with my parents, lol. My mum would just be very happy, while my dad would be very articulate and thorough about the issue. Congrats on everything you're up to.

Myne Whitman said...

I also hope all continues to go well. Remain blessed.

Tolu Akanni said...

Lol...yes oh!!
We thank God for loving parents.

I also hope I continue to have you guys around!