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Saturday, June 19, 2010


You know I keep asking why no one told us that it was going to be this fun right at the end of the journey.
I've been having fun all through!! Today was just ccrazily fun!
We had our community development exercise in Otta market where we had, sorry, they had to clean up the place, sweeping, clearing dump sites and all of that(I was playing all through...all play and no work). The bus ride to the market was funnnnnnnnnnnnnn...guys were just cracking up, dancing, rapping, droopping some crazy flows and all.
I chilled with countless number of folks today, real friends, casual friends, random folks, there was freedom in the air so we all were relating like we've known ourselves since forever. I wonder what this school would have been like if there was more freedom in the air.

The event I talked about on monday - the birthday party failed again! Like I said, I saw it coming and I wasn't so surprised at the outcome.
Why do people shy away from celebratiing their birthday parties? As a Yoruba jayé jáyé boy it annoys me badly! come on, it's your birthday, a day to be grateful to God for giving you life and the wisdom to count the number of your days; I see it as a time to apprecaite God for the people around you, a time to tell such persons 'thank you', a time to have people bless you and say things into your life.
I love birthdays!! I cant help but celebrate every birthday because really there's always a cause to celebrate; I think I place more value on my birthdays because I always approach each one with a target, I always have a new feat that I must have attained to celebrate and be thankful to God for. I love to see people eat and dine on my bill...it gives me joy!

I know there's someone reading this who doesn't attach any concrete relevance to birthdays, it is because of you that I'm bringing this up; Open your eyes there is more to birthday celebrations.