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Friday, June 11, 2010


After an unusual date that lasted for 5hours, 30mins I return to the reality of the fact that I'm actually in school because of my project defense.

Project? The 2 guys doing the construction in my group had a war of words this night, work is still not near full completion and the acclaimed deadline for defense is tomorrow!

I can't handle this right now, I'm just focusing on the fact that functionality is just 10% and the 70% 'A' mark is still attainable. But again, it sounds funny somehow right?
I recognise this phase, I've been through this before...I'll end up smiling, that I'm sure of.

Seriously Tolu, 5hrs 30mins of what????
First it was catch up, since we used to talk like everyday and there was 2 weeks of discommunication cause of her faulty lappy....then business, then relationships, then career, back to business again, then summer, then summer boat cruise on the day after the launch, then business again focusing more on the book launch, then relationships again, then parenting, then childhood things...
It was non-stop fun exploring 360degrees. Doesn't look like that will ever happen again....21days to graduation! Today is my last idle day in CU :-(

I'm done with my thesis now and I have to print, so I cant talk much. Defense, here I come!!

Special shout out to Juanita...she dedicated this poem to me on her blog.
as in, I looooooooooooooooooove the piece!

Where you stand- For Tolu Akanni

You, young warrior
Soldier of the motherland
You carry her on your shoulders
She treats you like her blood

You envision with pride
Inspire with love
Teach with allure
Praise no Other

Your name shall be known
Your fame will grow
Many glorious days
Young warrior
Many triumphant nights

Success is your mate
You're destined for greatness
Your time is just beginning
He will always
Hold you close

Where you stand, warrior
This is your time.

Just a shout out to Tolu Akanni
Mehn the dude just inspires me, just go over and you'll understand what I'm going on about.
Congrats on his new book :)
And check out Starcrossed