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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


so this post makes my post count = 101
and this is day 99 @ lobby...meaning day after 2mrw, I blog here no more! :-(

Convocation week activities kicked off today and we were treated to an enlightening speech that was delivered by the Chancellor. He talked majorly about the decay in the leadership of Nigeria, taking on them as he referred to them as '3rd world minds ruling a 3rd world nation'. Listening to the fact and figures of the ongoings at the national assembly wasnt so pleasurable, it's rather appauling to see how these folks rob us of naitonal funds. 
I like the words of the great man that he made reference to who said
"Through the use of national resources we moved from riding camels to driving cardilacs, I only hope the generation after us wont move from driving cardilacs to riding camels due to the waste of national resources by this generation"
I like to think there's hope for this country, but how is it ever going to happen? Most times it sounds impossible!

Well, if I make up my mind to do it right, how many will join in me in doing that?
he said "if u cant beat them, join them" is a failure's mentality!
and I absolutely agree with him.....u don't always have to follow the crowd in doing evil.

So I ask myself, if given the platform, will I do it right even when everyone else is going the wrong way?
So I ask of u, if given the platform will u do it right even when everyone else is doing it the other way?

It is rather disturbing, that is why we all cant just sit down and watch..
Be the change
Simply do it right


Harry-Rami Itie said...

I loved that opening session...it was just tight!