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Friday, June 25, 2010


Today might as well just qualify as the best day of my life!

God touched me!

The impartation service was out of this world, the teaching so powerful, the prayers like no other....it was power packed!

I've never been this sure and confident about my success in life like I am right now. God's word came strong and I left that service today with a strong conviction that I will be the one to bring honour to my Alma mata, to reflect the vision of this great institution, so watch out.....watch out.......God just started with me.

I put a call through to a brother's friend today and as I he heard it was me...his eyes opened up and he remembers he has a platform for me.
As I speak to u now, I am already getting set to talk about my book in the time slot the organisers are giving me at this month's edition of BookJam @ Silverbird galleria. This is the best so far for me....ideally, I'm supposed to have printed my book and enroll earlier before I can be put up on the programmer, but God's favour!!! I am seriously grateful to God for this platform
The organiser has requested a meeting with me before the programme kicks off and I can imagine what our conversation will be like....he will just luv me again like the ohers have!

So if ure in las gidi 2mrw u will do well by stopping by to check me out
check out the event link here