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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I cant believe TTG is ending in 2days!

It looked like it was going to last forever when it started, but time has just been moving too fast..
Today was cool, quality pack of lecturers....the 1st speaker...Pastor Mrs Oyedepo and her relationship talk..the guy that spoke on 'the world of works' exposing us to necessary skills needed to keep one's head high during job interviews......a most refreshing and impactful lecture delivered by the vice chancellor, she talked extensively on breaking the status quo and creating new rules....the last speaker is really not worth mentioning, he dulled us!

I had good seat mates today...1st it was a new friend for the morning session...then 4 d rest of the day, Harry and d mass comm crew....Harry being a treasure box of ideas, I had to draw close to him to be sure book launch plans are right on track.

Saw runnaway friend, D-Mac today!!!! I know u wont see this oh...spoiler a.k.a Báséjé!!

I have been summoned by a lecturer to come over to departmental building by 7am and I am still in shock..neve received such a call before and it sound crazy urgent....I dunno what is happening oh. God help me!!

I really feel bad I've not been doing my blog-rounds in recent time....I hope to be back on that P soonest!