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Saturday, June 19, 2010


It might sound like a cliché when I say I am having a time of my life, but really u just have to believe it, I AM HAVING A TIME OF MY LIFE!!!

Was out of school in the early hours of the day because I had to get some things across to the printer. My trip to my destination was cool but my return wasn't so pleasurable; just as I was going to get out of the bus, the bus hit a motorcycle as it was making a U-turn. How terrible it was? I don't know cos I never look at such, all I can remember seeing was that people were trying to drag the motorcycle out as it was stuck under the bus!
"Though a thousand may fall beside you and a multitude by your right side, it will not reach you"
Something similar happened on Monday as I was leaving Lagos and I am grateful to God for keeping me through all of this.

TTG was something else.
There was this organisation that came to host a seminar, and.....it was something else.
After giving CU my blood and urine for HIV, pregnancy, marijuana and alcohol test I went in to be a part of the session.
I felt insulted listening to 2 public speakers who couldn't construct correct sentences, those guys lacked the elocution. I was boiling all through. Though it would have been a different case if the guy had the content and delivery was the issue but he was lacking at both ends of the scale.
U wont believe the 1st speaker claims he has over 30 certifications! And I'm like if this guy can have such, anyone can have certifications....they were just saying rubbish.
But I'm grateful to God that I learnt something out of all of that, which is the fact that SUCCESS IS CHEAP.
The journey to success is overrated, the successful have made it sound like it really is a big big bigggg deal, but it is not. It is something u just do, it is just a lifestyle, most times the successful don't really see what others feel so excited about in what they do. If a person that claims to have 30certifications, and cannot speak good english claims to be a BRAND CONSULTANT, then there is room for all CU graduates to hit it biggggggggg.

I have been saying this all week long and let me say it here that a time will came - I'm looking at 2015 - when CU will sign a $20million deal with El Fiz concept to rebrand the Towards a Total Graduate (TTG) program.
I promise y'al that it will be mega mega.

To my CU friends that equally felt insulted listening to those guys yesterday.
1. Trust me, those 30 certifications are not substantial certifications, if they were he would have given us a load down.
2. Certifications are cram n pass ish....mostly past questions. If u have the opportunity to, go grab yours too.
3. There are loads of people like that who just carry big containers all around town with little or no content. It's a packaging world, u might want to take maximum advantage of it.
4. What u have in u is way better than what those guys carry, u stand a bigger chance, exploit ur opportunities.
5. Success is overrated, it is not that hard to come by, it is child's play...start something and u'll know what I'm talking about.

Thank you for reading.
It is my desire that things go well for u too.

Corgito Ergo Sum..
Tolu Fiz Akanee


NakedSha said...

Would CU not let you graduate if you do not pass all these tests?

I heard of this when it first started but as a student, I would like to find out...

Tolu Akanni said...

It's a graduation requirement, though now they are claiming you have the option of opting out but you have to give strong reasons.

Dammie said...

lol. soo true bout it being a packaging world..alot of people are jus empty with big containers..nyhoos all the best!

Tolu Akanni said...

Dammie!!!!! I'v missed ya!

Dammie said...

missed u too friend. gast catch up!
but b4 that return the favour n go n comment on my blog..hehe