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Tuesday, June 1, 2010


I remember when Thursdays were my best days of the week. I used to look forward to every Thursday because it was my creativity day, my intellect was always functioning at its peak. My Thursdays were dedicated to sober reflection and a time out with God.
I used to start out my Thursdays waiting on God. I'ld make sure I get to work early so I could stream sermons online, if it wasn't Papa it would be Rev Sam Adeyemi or Pastor Poju Oyemade. I would kick off with the spiritual, take a diversion into business, I would write motivational articles, I would develop business plans, I would write speeches, I would plan for the coming days, treat myself to a quality dose of day dreaming. I almost never do anything that has to do with my job on Thursdays.

At the close of work I would pick up my iPod again, study the word making sure I discover something new. 6pm, I get something eat.
7pm, I'm in church for Sunday school teachers' preparatory class.
My Thursdays used to be powerful!!

All of these things I did because I was scared of losing my stand in Christ, I couldn't bear the thought of being an ex-believer or ex-follower upon conclusion of my internship, so I equipped myself to meet these demands; and I thank God it did pay off. Up till date I fall back on materials I gathered during that period, the strategies I developed back are still very relevant and I make reference to the products of that season of my life from time to time. The manuscripts of my book "A-Z Life Lessons" came out of that season, but then I never knew that was what God had in plan.

Looking through the years now I feel sad that I gave up on my creativity day. I can imagine how robust I would have been now intellectually if I had held on to it. I lost the value I placed on it because I just felt internship was over, I'm back in school, no more witches in the bus as I'm going to work, no risk of getting hit by an okada rider, I was back in my comfort zone!
Well just like my father would say, comfort doesn't always pay off. This comfort actually did cost me something. I'm beginning to sound like a loser now, but it's not that bad, it's not like i've been completely useless jor, I'm just focusing on the feeling of "it could have been better".

As the chancellor was talking about the power of fasting today, memories of my creativity thursday were just dancing around my mind. I'm happy I had all of those times jare!

But I won't be satisfied with that, I think creativity days might be back considering the fact that I just made a couple of resolutions for this month. June is my last full month as an undergraduate and I know how closing moments always go. God is always hiding something somewhere for a select few and I'm quite confident that I won't be left out In Jesus Name. Amen.
If need be, I'll fill you guys in on the resolutions later.

Seriously, grad is in 31days
My book launch is in 38 days.
I'm supposed to kick off CU distribution in 13days.
I have to kick off massive online promo like today!
So please, you can start supporting me by dedicating a post on your blog to my book.
Harry did that some days back...thanks bro!
Myne has something cooking already.
Muyiwa is also smiling on me
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Thanks a lot people!!!


dew said...

nice! This strategy always pays off but u'll need it throughout life.

Harry-Rami Itie said...

You know I got u man

Tolu Akanni said...

Dew: word!
Harry, thanks! I put up the wrong link sef, I was spsd 2 put up d link 2 d particular post u talked bout d book