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Sunday, June 6, 2010



The month of June has been bringing smiles my way, loads of mega blessings knocking heavily, the past week was a most refreshing one, clearing my papers all the way, genuinely smiling out of the exam hall, rejoicing and celebrating.

A-Z LIFE LESSONS giving me more joy with each passing day, word spreading fast, more individuals, groups, organisations showing interest and you guys really need to be here with me to understand how I feel each nite as I lay on my bed to sleep. For reals I cant even shout because its humbling, when did I start, what have I done? I'm really happy God has been helping me cope because I've never had to multi-task during my exams, handling my academics and business is not something I've tried out up until now and I'm happy it's been fun and both ends are yielding good.

Papa's presence at the Tuesday service really helped my week, I had a great time with God this week waiting on Him and taking out extra time to listen to Him, I made some crazy, life-transforming discoveries from the scriptures this week!

I rejoice with my brother today, I'm sure his introduction ceremony was a success! Can't wait to with my family this weekend....it's going to be mega!
As of now, I don't see how I'm gonna get out of school legally, I just pray I scale through with whatever plan I come up with.

I don't have much to say this night jare, it is still very annoying to remember that I have one paper to go as I cant wait to start my movie roll for the night:
Valentines day
Iron man2
Prince of persia
It's definitely a long, chilly nite ahead!

I came across a striking brand today 'NakedSha' culled from Rom1:16...I'm just loving it all the way.

In conclusion,
"Even when you flaw, society forgives when you keep generating results, be productive!" - El Fiz


NakedSha said...

All the best!
It's interesting that you refer to me as a brand...:)

Rom 1:16 ALL THE WAY!

Tolu Akanni said...

Of course it is...take it from a soon to be 'branding king'!


Good stuff!

Great to see what you do. Best of God in your exams. I have seen Prince of Persia too but I don't like it jor.


PS: I got here via NakedSha's interview. Check me out if you can http://dynamiqueprofesseur.blogspot.com


dew said...

congrats :)

yankeenaijababe said...

Congrats Tolu, wishing you well in everything, don't worry , baba God is in control. I love the new layout, very cool

Tolu Akanni said...

Thanks LDP...I knw I've seen ur blog b4

@Dew, óse!

@yankeenaijababe...wher hv u been? Can't blv u actually took the break 4 real.