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Wednesday, June 16, 2010


TTG is killing me cos I'm so clumsy right now.
I finally got the opportunity to have my project defense yesterday when we faced the panel like 2hrs after kick-off. We were just 2mins into our presentation when electricity was interrupted, thinking it was a change-over we were still calm for the first 2mins that followed after which it became obvious that we were in the middle of a big mess. The power house had switched off the generator!
The lecturers on the panel got angry went to their various offices, grabbed their car keys and within the next couple of minutes almost all of them had left the departmental building. I'm not enjoying overtime in Otta!

If not because other good things are happening in my life, I would probably be in a traumatic state right now..but I know all things work together for good and I'm beginning to sense maybe God doesn't want me to leave school.

I'm not even happy I've almost not had any personal time of talking to God at length this week.....I miss my daddy!

P.S. Muyiwa put me up on people in limelight today, you guys should check it out. Thank you!