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Sunday, June 20, 2010


WOW!!! mY lASt sUNdAY sERViCE iN CU!!!

ANOthER hAPPY dAy iN My liFE.
God welcomed us all into the day with the early morning showers of blessings; the rain wasn't so heavy but it just poured continously and this cost me a late arrival in chapel, got into chapel with my friends like 45mins after the 3hour service started.
The sermon was awesome...my #2 ranking minister in this ministry, after Papa - Pastor Dele Bamgboye preached on "Ruling your world through supernatural power" and was in his usual style, absolutely practical in his delivery....that message was for me!

I got wet trekking to the cafetaria after the service because my hungry belly won't mind.

Then the day ended in grand style with the EIE cocktail, it made plenty sense!! It was fun all through for me..all of my guests had fun too. It was just too cool, there was happiness all around...5years in this school is no child's play so the source of the excitement is absolutely understandable.
There was plenty to drink, excess to eat, there was quality music (can't rmbr hearing any gospel song...purely secular...which neva happens in CU), enough grooving, pictures et al.

I'm gonna miss my course mates badly!

This new week is a great week for me.
By the grace of God, my pre-launch copies should be out this week!
I'm hoping to have more celebrities on my guest list
More launchers
More concepts
.....and definitely more fun!!!

Pictures coming soon
Check out pictures of Saturday's community service here


Myne Whitman said...

Keep on keeping on, the day will be here before you know it.