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Wednesday, June 2, 2010


The response to my 24hours-old campaign has been so far so good. I'm excited the heavens are already smiling on me.
I went to the library to read for the paper I'm writing today oh, and after like 3hrs, I gave up on that and I tried putting down one or two thoughts in my new journal...within 1hr, I had filled 8pages!
I miss writing
I miss journals, I've been so addicted to my iPod notes in the last couple of months that I almost never use pen and paper for anything anymore.
I thought I was gonna chill till after exams before I could come up with content for my website, but everything came in a rush today and I couldnt help it.

The little of things of life always escape me
They never last
I try to roll humble
But then I open my mouth and it blows off
I tell my friends I want to do something small
Just small scale, nothing big

In a twinkle of any eye I begin to hear "what if"s
What if you...
Why not just..
It will make sense to just..
In addition to that, let's...
Soon the little, humble concept grows
(Shey Ralph Wardo Emerson says "Sow a thought and you reap an action; sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny")

Soon ideas are made real
Then the spotlight comes
It shines on me yet it's not mine
Life doesnt work with the 'we'
It lays emphasis on the 'you'
Many get carried away by the spotlight
They look directly into it and are blinded

Get over it, it's not yours
God did it
He used him
He used her
He brought them
Systems are built by people

I know how that spotlight works
It's one at a time please
Make it happen for others
Soon enough they will make it happen for u
Hmmnn...the mysteries of this life

The way the Porter works amazes me
The way he moulds men, so mysterious
Mysterious yet orderly
Orderly as we begin to understand them
Understanding more with each passing day

July 2nd doesnt even appeal to me anymore....like seriously, I'm trying to attach serious relevance to it and be hyped and all that but that feeling is overshadowed by what the morning of 10th of July will look like...lemme not just talk about it yet!

I was almost moved to tears when I was chatting with an old buddy of mine today, we've been friends since primary4 and we were partners in crime and seat mates all through secondary school. He visited my blog for the first time and he was impressed as he brought up memories of days when I would tell them about how great my company will become and all of the fancy things that will come my way as I grow older....men secondary school days of pride! I had not tasted life properly then, like I would beat my chest then that no one could do better than me in any of our exams and true to it, no one could(u guys heard momsy bear witness to that on my bday oh)! These Otta witches didn't just allow me carry that annointing into my CU journey...lol

That conversation was quite short, wasn't more than 30lines of chat, yet every line was thought provoking.
It's funny how you know certain persons for years and you're just 'hello' friends, and a random day will just come and you have a brief heart-to-heart moment, and the friendship enters another level....in subsequent conversations, you just find yourselves conversing like you guys grew up together!
You see, it's not the multitude of words that create bonds, it's the level/depth of emotional bond that counts. This is one point I want to make clear to my CU folks that might be reading this, don't do surface, don't relate with people on the surface level, go deep and you will make a friend for life. People don't let go off people that they share their dreams, goals and aspirations with, they hardly do!
While you try this out, you will discover goals and aspirations are not common to all...
People fall under different categories, especially the ones I've met in CU
High aspirations, detailed plans
Good aspirations, casual plans
Casual aspirations, no concrete plans
But two things are common to all 3 categories, success and failure. Though some categories are more vulnerable to failure than the others, failure and success are still common to all, so you can't afford to look down on anyone.

I should talk about this someother day. I'm tagging Phune, Harry, D.Mac and Bonnie to do same. (Harry, I already did iLike, that's why I didnt do the '10things I like' anymore)

Take this post in its unordered form, it's 8hrs to my next paper!