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Thursday, June 24, 2010


We thought it was going to be the last day of the great feast but as things are right now, we are slated to have a bigger feast by tomorrow morning; The Chancellor has declared he wants to lay His annointed hands on each one of us before we leave, so...we patiently await that session.

TTG was yet again explosive today. I cant believe I ended up enjoying TTG.
The impression we had about it before we started was a far cry from what we are experiencing right now. We had fun most of the time.

As I arrived in chapel today and I was looking for where to seat, someone a friend introduced to me yesterday offered me a seat and I had one of the most humbling or should I say overwhelming moments in CU.
The magazine she had in her hands contains 3 of my articles and I'm also on the production team as well, and in the course of the not-so-interesting 1st lecture, she was taking notes from the magazine! I've never seen anyone read a magazine with so much interest and intent...I was shocked.
I was moved when I saw the previous notes she had on taken on the other articles, well u need to understand how I felt when I saw the notes she took on my piece...I felt substantial, I was elated! And to crown it all she had this sticky note that read "search for Tolu Akanni on Facebook" and........I felt like I was living the dream!
We had a very interesting career discussion and I'm pretty impressed by her drive and what trips me most about her is her insatiable thirst for knowledge....it's on a strange order!

We wrote TTG exams.
In my usual fashion, I was lucky to find my way in to do it with the 1st batch, and thank God I did. I heard they had server problems after the 1st batch finished..these ppl and their technology!
I did the 30mins test in 10:06mins and I had 50/60....and I'm happy we are not that plenty on the 50s list...so I did 'exclusively' good!!

Funny enough, just like the heavens heard my complaints about the down turn in numbers of business talks I've been having lately...I was caught with a CEO friend discussing business for close to 3hours after the TTG exams!
Another friend stopped by in the course of our discussion and from our talk, I might doing a 10mins presentation on "brands to watch out for" at the launch since I already have something 'El Fiz' cooking as well

I changed my mind about rushing out to Lagos, I need to do some comprehensive paper work before I hit that city....I pray touch of tomorrow opens me up to another level of inspiration needed to effectively pull it off.

A-Z LIFE LESSONS to be launched in 15days
I'm trying to get a radio and if possible a TV interview before the launch.
A good number of media houses have assured their presence
Yada magazine
Mitre magazine
Bella Naija
Silverbird TV
....and there might just be more in the coming days!

I miss blogsville...I hope I'ld be able to read blogs this weekend.
Special shout outs to Myne, Jaycee, Yankeenaijababe, Dew, NakedSha, Harry, Bonnie, Fregz, Dammie, Muyiwa....
...and to all those that follow this blog...its always good to have u around. Thanks!!!


NakedSha said...

Awesome, your book launch looks like it'll be having great coverage.
Thank God.
You are in my prayers, I wish you the best...


dew said...

:) thanks so much too, the content has been a blessing!!
7 days more!!!!!!!!! and 15 days more!!!!! we thank GOD... :)

Tolu Akanni said...

thanks guys!