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Monday, June 7, 2010


How come the last is always the toughest?

Men, it's not been beans reading for tomorrow's paper oh!!
I've been struggling all day! In my bid to relax and have a stress-free weekend I washed off the exam spirit and that didn't do me much good for the early hours of today because I was forcing it, but I can still smile though...I now know something :-)
I pray this paper goes well because I cut out too many topics out of my reading list, with the way I'm dedicated to the couple of select topics I have read, you might want to think I've seen the question paper before the exam..this strategy has worked for all other exams...as in lazy Tolu cant just read all the topics, I pray it doesn't feel this last time.

After tomorrow, what next? Let me just wait till then before my thoughts take me out of this academic mode.

Today was like my best day ever in this month, it kind of felt like a birthday somehow, woke up to see NakedSha posting up my interview with her on her blog...was just too excited when I saw it.

Reading hours weren't so pleasant though, those were the only low moments of the day, I called Terra Kulture again, they've not slyed me..July9 is still open, am still hoping I'll get a discount from them when I go down this week.

I had a wonderful time chatting with a friend for about an hour in the library( I got tired of reading now!!!...lol), as in....it was good talk!
Then this evening was mega...I made 5 new friends within the space of 40mins, and I don't know what spirit was on me tonight, I was just cracking everyone up, everyone second they spent with me was worthwhile...I got a free dinner pass to some class dinner this Friday though I'm not sure I will be in school, but if I'm in school why not? free fooood men!

I'm loving every minute of these 25days to grad!
How come no one hinted us it was gonna be this fun?
I'm just blessed
Stick with me!

Myne!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! U deserve it!
Harry, thumbs up
Jaycee..who else can come close?



Mr Lonely said...

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Tolu Akanni said...

Nice one bro..I just checked u out

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks Tolu, goodluck with the studying. Your interview with NakedSha was really good, will put up mine later this week. All the best with Terra Kulture and the planning.

Tolu Akanni said...

Thank u!! saw ur comment
I'm done studying....yayyyyy!!!!