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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Tonite is one of those nites that I have loads of stuffs to rant about so if ure down to hear it all...:read along!

I've noticed that in these last days a lot of persons around me are getting distracted; balance is fast becoming an issue for many, and this is rather displeasant.

I take pride in the fact that I can multi-task conveniently, I can effectively link up n converse with two persons with contrasting interests and personalities at the same time, I can handle business effectively even during exams and all of that.....but many people can't do that!

I've noticed a lot of persons getting distracted by new friendships and it's paining me that I'm constantly falling on the list of 'old friends'. But I'm used to this phase, the runaway friends get tired of the new friends and easily run back to their roots. And I don't think I want to be fallen back upon this time again. Not like I'm not making new friends as well....buh there's something bout old wine..

I'm seeing some CEO friends getting distracted. I've not even had business talks with some people I expect to be hovering round me these last days for my ideas and contributions to their take-off plans, and I'm shaking my head in pity because I'm meeting people now, establishing new links with each passing day and I'm crying to have people I can carry along....but they won't come and I won't go meet them!

I'm getting scared of business relationships kind of, judging from the terrible experience I had with peeps during IT. I'm not down to start dancing around with someone's balloon dream; this was what I was sharing with someone who was complaining to me about the unseriousness of 'CU-preneur' friends. I was quick to share the words of my boss with him "THERE IS NOTHING LIKE UR OWN THING, THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN RUNNING UR OWN THING BY URSELF"

One has to watch how one runs after another man's dream, if not it will end up bringing pain and avoidable disappointments. This is why I keep advising those in partnership to document roles n b legally bound, but that deceitful cloak of "ahn ahn....hez my personal person now" blurs out their vision.

It's rather humorous to know that I have a friend who won't talk to me again because she felt she was correcting me and I won't listen....she says "take caution" and I say "allow me, taking caution is not my thing..Phil4:6 even backs me up on that" in reaction to that it's been 'hello' 'hi's......y???
I'm trying to be sure the problem is not me and my self appraisal tells me I'm not the problem. But even if I'm the problem, momentary friendship overlooks temporary misbehaviour. So y shun me?

TTG end tomorrow and I'm glad it's finally over, it has been choking my intellectual will. I have a pending branding job to do, pending consultancy work to do on an event, and A-Z LIFE LESSONS keeps unravelling new chapters with each passing day....imagine the same me that just claimed I can multi-task complaining oh!!

I'm grateful to GOD for the lecturer who summoned me yesterday, they discovered that my 6units project recorded score was '0'
Glory to God, it has been corrected!!