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Saturday, June 5, 2010


FLIGHT SERIES III : The 7 lessons

(special dedication to members of the graduating class of 2010)

With just one paper to go and my academic burden getting lighter, I can think more clearly and enjoy what those that have longed finished their papers are enjoying. It's 2:30am in the morning and I just returned back to my room after 1hour of browsing in a friend's room, trying to send out one or two mails and uploading my blog.

As I lay on my bed now it slowly comes back to my mind again that in a couple of days from now I won't be able to do all of these again, I won't be able to lie on this bed again for life, Daniel hall will never be my hall of residence ever, no more daily signing of roll-call at night, that ID card we swipe will be irrelevant forever, and I won't have all of these people I cherish dearly all around me at the same time again.

It is finally here!!!!!
We all looked forward to it, but really can we handle it?
We were caught up in this kind of emotional state when we ended secondary school, I could remember babes shedding tears that day as we exchanged departure pleasantries; very few guys felt what those babes were feeling, we were way over excited looking forward to the new life ahead. As a person, I didn't feel any of those emotional things that day, Covenant University was tops on my mind, it was the only thing I could think of considering the fact that my admission letter came in the day before, so in my regular fashion I focused on the big picture and I was numb to the feelings of the immediate.

But I soon got tired of the big picture 2days later, because Monday came and there was nowhere to dress up and rush out to. It wasn't the regular summer break that we had holiday lessons that would normally start two weeks after vacation to look up to. It was going to be 4months of preparations for the journey ahead, but 'preparation' was just a title, just a glorified brand for the long days of idleness ahead.

Getting back what obtains now.

Life after CU will definitely not be any different from this, the July to November NYSC walk is a very long one. Please let me ask you, 4months of what?
Everyone is shouting, 4months of ‘paroles’, work, summer vacation, rest, self-development, self-discovery, self-employment, and all sorts of business.
80% of members of the graduating class want to serve in Lagos or Abuja, a privilege only about 25% might enjoy at the end of the day. And even though that's a random statistic with no proof of validation, it is neither completely invalid nor irrelevant; it’s the first inkling into realisation of age long principle of life that says we don’t always get what we want!
I could remember how IT went for us, most of us set out with big dreams of earning big pay, getting mega jobs, living in class and comfort, but you need to sit down and take a statistical ‘expectation-to-outcome’ analysis, you will laugh your brains out at the outcome!

Why am I bringing out these instances? PATTERNS!!!!!

Don't joke with patterns; the patterns of this life don't really change.

I was privileged to know a couple of friends of my brothers' in their university days, some of which I related with as fellow members of the board of directors of a limited liability company that they set up then. Unfortunately, our business didn't stand the test of time. But that's not the point, I didn't get to see some of those guys for a period of about 4-5years, but as God will have it we reunited during my brother's wedding;
Trust me, formulas can't handle life, it is God that makes a man. I've seen people being transformed from broke UNILAG boys to millionaire UNILAG graduates. I've seen people who lived hand-to-mouth being transformed to multimillionaires within weeks. It is God!

I want you to take note of these key lessons; you might want to write them down because it will speak in the coming days.
1. If you don’t have GOD anything can happen to you.

2. Not everyone will start out big and comfortable; everyone stands a chance and will eventually make it, it is only a matter of time.
3. Don't ever let go off friends you make while climbing up in life. (I'm still in touch with almost all my secondary school mates!). The higher you climb, the more difficult you find it to trust people.

4. That you get there before others is an ‘engracement’ from God, it is not your achievement.
If others get there before you, fear not, it's only a sign that you are next on the line.

5. Gone are the days when the best of things are reserved for those with the best of skills, we live in era in which the best things of life are exclusive to those with the best of friends. Keep contact!!

6. Life is filled with uncertainties, don't be too rigid, always have alternatives!
I beg you, plan A, B, C, D and E.
Plan A- Lagos NYSC, UK MSc, Shell job, US MSc
Plan B- Kano NYSC, Unilag MSc, GLO job
Plan C- US MSc, Apple job. US PhD
Plan D- MTN job, Ericsson job, entrepreneurship
I beg of you, as you make predefined plans, seek out time to factor alternatives if you don’t want to be stranded.

7. Never, ever forget Tolu Akanni! Stick with me

I miss you guys already!


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