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Tuesday, June 15, 2010


I've not had a day this annoying in a very long while
TTG classes were crazy boring
Was on my feet for long hours hustling to get project defense done with, yet it was in all in vain...no defense!

But the day started on a very good note, I had loads of personal ish to work on during the 1st session of TTG, so I wasn't into the boring lectures. But I had to stop that after that like 2hours when I got a seatmate...I had one of the most challenging discussions of a lifetime with her, we were discussing business, entrepreneurship actually and I was trying to take down every plan, highlighting the cons but to a reasonable extent she happened to pass the test which is something that will almost never happen on a normal day.

In no time we were done discussing her plans and the tables turned and men, it was tough! I've never had anyone challenge me that much in a long time as she was trying to do the same thing I did to her to me, it was breath-taking...she analysed everything!
It was tough but u can trust me to sell myself well now, I'm happy I didn't sink.

That conversation ended as the chancellor arrived to deliver his most refreshing and most enlightening lecture on the power of knowledge, that man has wits!

I have to go back to bed jare

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