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Friday, June 4, 2010



With that same punk cut I've seen him on since freshman year he stares at me.
How come he's not wearing the copper frame glasses today?
"Heyyyyy my guy" he shouts as he approaches me.
Reluctantly I stretch out my arms to welcome him, and as if the handshake was not enough he reaches out to me with a hug, with him towering 5inches above me and my head squeezed on his chest, I manage to holla "wats gud bruh"

Bro? Did I just say 'bro' as in brother? God forbid!!
I don't like this guy one bit and I wish he could see the paintings of hate that filled the gallery of my heart. We exchanged one or two pleasantries, and he was about to tell me about his plans for his birthday party tomorrow when he suddenly looked away and beamed with smiles as he exposed his dirty irregular dentition; I didn't have to wonder any longer on why he did that as I heard that angelic voice "sweetheart!!!!" as she paced up reaching out to him with a soothing, sensual hug.

That voice, hmmnnn.... I could remember the happiest days of my life when that voice was what I heard at the dawn of each day. Those arms she wrapped around me after those night outs, I could remember that one night she...

"Hi dear" she interrupted as I was about taking a journey into time. Wait, just 'hi'? You mean she won't even hug me? It didn’t take long for me to round off talks with them as I walked out of the conversation lifeless.

Gosh! I have to put a stop to this, how could she..how can he..how could I....
with all these thoughts jamming in my head, I retired to my bed and in no time I was off. And like a dead Nollywood script, I found myself dreaming about her, she was looking all fresh and I was looking my best as we sat down to treat ourselves to a nice Chinese meal. In no time I reached out for the little box in my pocket; revealing the ring in it as I went on my knees.

Bang bang! bang!!

It got dark

Bang bang! bang!!

It got louder as I jumped out of sleep only to discover it was a knock on my door. In my drowsiness I reached to the door only to see this Calabar boy with the punk smiling with a pack of food in his hands.
"Baba, why you dey sleep now? Make we chop"
As he picked the fork in my locker and walked outside to go rinse it, my eyes opened with excitement as I thought of injecting his Afang soup with printer ink.

I obeyed that little demon.

I couldn't watch it happen, so I excused myself as I told him I had to use the toilet, I grabbed my roll of tissue paper and I walked out.

What if...? If it....? How will....? Those thoughts were just dancing in my head, and with a repentant heart I returned to warm him of the danger.

There he laid lifeless.

"U-D" I screamed on top of my lungs.

And in my confused state, I sit to write this...
I'm sorry U-D
I'm sorry Titi
I'm sorry world
I will never do this again if I could ever return!
I'll try my best to drink all of this soup before I cease.
Goodbye world!


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this is disturbing...

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