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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Another soccer evening, started Arsenal-Barca game with the intention of returning to this place to account on how terrible I think English football is.
But the never-give-up spirit of Arsenal has left me with an unusual impression. It brings memories of things I've give up on in this life, and believe me there are loads of em. Given up on hobbies, positive habits, plans n what hv u just cos I wasn't making headway.

Oh God! All these plans.
MASK was my baby, CU frustrated the vision of MASK. I had the best of human resources, finances were already building up, the concept was awesome, I was into it 100%
What would have been CU's best fashion show ever went crashing cos we just couldn't get approval! Fashion, Music, Poetry, Charity all in one night, I had attended the show in my head, my team was ready to kill it.....well "Time n Chance happeneth to them all"

Then again I remember those fantastic dreams we had for IT, the shows we was gon pull off, the links, the Lekki dream, the mega job, the company trips, presentations..on n on like dat.
Like today now, I was in class having side talks with Stef n Lekuche n I mentioned "beach house", n as soon as I dropped that word. I was off for minutes, building my beach house in my head, So I drew d imaginary plan of my beach house today......now it's nt possible for me to go to my grave without having a beach house! Mmmph......me n my thots, allow me. Lol

U know there's beauty in building ur world in ur head, they call it 'visionary thinking' or better still 'painting the big picture', it gives u something to look forward to. U need to be around me one of those moments when I'm thinking big n talking the big talk, u'll never figure I've been broke before but again that's life uno.
We learnt in philosphy class "corgito ergo sum"
The bible tells us "as a man thinketh..."
One statement that has been ringing in my head all thru this month is an excerpt from my mentor's note that reads "never assume ignorance"
"Never assume ignorance" reminds me of all the agency money I've chopped in this school; someone approaches u with a problem n quickly u go "I can solve this problem for a fee" then u go all out looking for who's got the solution, u find solution, offer it to the person in need n u get ur fair share of the pay that comes from it. And those that are ahead of me keep telling me that's how things roll out there in life, only it comes with different name tags like "project mgt" "agency"... see, ignorance is no excuse. U don't have to know how to use a computer to make money from a computer, so wha d hell is ignorance?

As the days roll by, having realised that I'll be earning loads of money from various fields in which I have 0% knowledge, 0% interest, I have to set out to know more people n know their interests. This lobby is filled up with loads of talented peeps, some with obvious interests n skills, some r so good yet they look ordinary/regular, some don't even leave u with a clue that they have any flight to catch.......
Hmnnnn.....there's still a whole lot to learn!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I want to think
I want to think deep
I want to reason
Reason out a new insight

I need something fresh
I need a new story to tell
I don't think stories are far-fetched
They aren't just dramatic enuf

I want to coin something philosophical
And feel great telling it to the world

So as I patiently await my insight
My story
My drama
My philosophy....

My pen bleeds
My ink drips

So it's more like as the 100days are rolling off, I'm getting better "pen-ing" my thoughts and I can't wait to know how good I'll be by the end of it all.


Watched my best soccer game this season today - Bayern vs Man Utd. Madddddddd game play from Bayer Munchen, i think I'm nw a fan, those guys are too much....as in english football is no match for german football, the gameplay is simply awesome!

Ibly moments b4 d match...sad I'd nt bin tellin bout my sis. shit happens...lol

Easter break cancelled officially n this stubborn boy wont just be in school, easter is meant for family, n family it will be. I have so much tied to my being home for this particular break, so I cant dull it. Gidi here I come!

My test today was awesome, really had my mind on it cos I wasnt ready 4 any pep talk wit my lecturer If I ddnt pass....al those tins that happen wen ure frnds wit ur lecturer. Its gon b anoda "A" course jare...kini big deal
But attendin lectures today wasnt funny at all o...almighty CU had electricity issues, so ther was power outage; everyone sweating was gettin smelly, it wasnt just comfortable.

So it rained again, I think (I was sleepin then, nt so sure if it rained or it was jst drizzlin) n I'm wondering hw the acid rain scare ended. Shey ppl now hv d skin cancer abi? Naija! we jst lik to trouble ourselves over irrelevancies, al those tins dnt jst find relevance in this side of the world; earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rain...cant work! God loves us too much :-D

I'm getting hungry and I'm again missing momc....thursday is lookin 2 far oh

Monday, March 29, 2010


Drama today oh!!!!

I finished my 30mins test, stood up to go submit my script in front of the class, returned to my table to go get my stuffs......yeeeeppaaa!!!! My iPod's gone. "wherz my iPod?" "hv u seen my iPod?" on n on like that, no show!!

Sat down for another 1hr class without any clue as regards who's in possession of my iPod. What would life be without my ever present listener, my "Notes" application? The 1st place I drop these crazy thoughts that flow thru my head.

Class ended iPod found! Silly x-floormate picked em up, the smile is back on my face, joyfully slipped my buddie back into my pocket with a renewed "never-to-lose-u-again" stroke painted on the canvas of my mind.

Btw my test was a walkover, looking forward to a repeat performance tomorrow. I kinda feel bad that I've not called my bro's wife ever since o...hp she understands.

Felt great knowing that some people visited my blog this weekend, even though they won't comment. U ppl don't know I'm alrdy having low self esteem sha as regards this blog.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Great sunday for me!

Enjoyin the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit....Evangelism conference is doing me loads of good!

Its always sweet when ure in tune with God, things just happen to fall in line all of a sudden, burdens relieved, one's life gets more organised; and thats the key thing I'm enjoyin the most at the moment.

I'm getting more organised!

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit has kinda afforded me witht the opportunity to draw back n really reflect on one or two key things....and m happy with the results.

Its a lovely week ahead, looking forward to meetin more people, reconnecting with old friends n earnin more of life's happiness.

The tests I have (or I'm supposed to have) dont seem to be tops on my mind, aint just prepared....its easter week jor, let them free us on time, we need to be home in good time to enjoy family moments!


Life is a big battle. Everyone is fighting for their selfish interests, , dont stop at wanting what u want, fight for it!

Dont let people confuse u, alwys stick to ur own big picture.

I'm gradually beginning to think less- or doubt, so to speak - of these people that claim to be hearing things from God. Many just take their vague intutions as the voice of God.

Friday, March 26, 2010


Yuppy lecture free day! We've not been havin electricity day time for over a week now but the day was different, there was electricity so I cld stay indoors for the early hours of the day.
Basically playing around, sleep, Gossip girl ep15, Entourage s04.

1600 was a Tolzly moment, finally had to let go cause I wasn't helping myself holding on to the dream of a union that won't be. So it's gonna be weeks of "getting-over" in the coming days. God help me!!

1800 CPC Entertainment committee meeting.

Lesson learnt: "It takes a lion's heart to get the lion's share, never ever give up on the big picture"

Thursday, March 25, 2010


My only happy morning of the week when I don't have 8am classes, woke up surfing the net and trying to get my blog a new skin which didn't work out at the end of the day so I switched to Entourage.
Well Entourage makes sense, had to start watching em cos of the boredom of the first couple of weeks of the semester and just like any other fun series, u never let go until u watch em all. TV series is a big part of d CU lifestyle, we all have one or two that we follow from time to time. Tho I can remember the time I used to hate watching series, the time consumption was crazy and I didn't just feel the Prisonbreak hype then so I disliked TV series.
But gradually:
Everybody hates Chris
The Apprentice
Gossip girl
Ugly Betty
Prison break

I liked 'Everybody hates Chris' n 'Hustle' then cos there was no continuity in the sense that each episode had it's unique story, so there's no looking forward to one big secret that will be exposed in the next episode.

The Apprentice still remains my all time #1 Reality show, I can't begin to relate what things that show did to my intellectual capacity. It earned me new friends! First it was Martha Stewart's then I moved on to Donald Trump, Trump is just a fantastic guy! His "Think Big" lifestyle left me with so much to learn.
The Apprentice is one reality show I recommend to all readers, you'll enjoy urself all thru.

Gossip girl affair started during SIWES1, those crazy crazy days of boredom n suffering. SIWES1 ended up being a selfish plot to steal our 300lvl summer away from us, d cheap labour plot took them no where, no wonder it started and ended with our set. Nyz, Gossip girl, good drama, good story, great acts, excellent Chuck Bass!

Prison break: after so much beef for the excessive hype drawn by the show, I finally decided to try it out in their last season, Season4 n they did impress me quite good even though at some point I felt lik they were over-dragging it, I still very much like what they came up with. Fans say previous seasons were way better than the concluding season, but the energy to verify that - I don't have!

Class was fun today as anticipated, the class was plainly practical, didn't have so many complex theories to deal with like it's been all week long.

EDS practical

VIDA meeting


Daniel E303

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Got my ticket Mond Oct 17, 2005 and I spread my payment over 5 years. Flight schedule has it that I'm going to be taking off Friday, 2nd July, 2010. So as I sit down at the lobby with about 1,500 co-passengers, I'm awakened to the reality that the experiences of these 100days preceeding the flight is something worth recording.

I hope ure as excited as I am, it's gonna be a fun time telling the lobby experience

O100: I'm up late as usual working on the first chapter of my final year thesis. Thinking alongside on what how I wanna keep the memory of these 100days; the original vision was to write em al in journal, publish when I'm 50 adding to my records of bestsellers, get my family to auction the manuscripts when I'm dead- it sure should go for a billion dollars of more!
But I don't wanna risk losing my journal, so I'll just keep it up here where it's safe.
Thanks D.Mac 4 ur advice on this one.

0600: Today started with the traditional 5:30am TMC jogging, fun morning for some stressful...TMC sha happened

Evening chillin with Funso. Had a couple of heart 2 heart moments today which doesnt come quite often nyz.

Got money on my mind. Jaye preachin d nigerian dream again. D.Mac talkin business

Indomie's almost ready, got to split now