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Monday, March 29, 2010


Drama today oh!!!!

I finished my 30mins test, stood up to go submit my script in front of the class, returned to my table to go get my stuffs......yeeeeppaaa!!!! My iPod's gone. "wherz my iPod?" "hv u seen my iPod?" on n on like that, no show!!

Sat down for another 1hr class without any clue as regards who's in possession of my iPod. What would life be without my ever present listener, my "Notes" application? The 1st place I drop these crazy thoughts that flow thru my head.

Class ended iPod found! Silly x-floormate picked em up, the smile is back on my face, joyfully slipped my buddie back into my pocket with a renewed "never-to-lose-u-again" stroke painted on the canvas of my mind.

Btw my test was a walkover, looking forward to a repeat performance tomorrow. I kinda feel bad that I've not called my bro's wife ever since o...hp she understands.

Felt great knowing that some people visited my blog this weekend, even though they won't comment. U ppl don't know I'm alrdy having low self esteem sha as regards this blog.


dew said...

"low self esteem"!!! now thats hilarious...Tolu Akanni...nah...sorry, they just don't match!

Tolu Akanni said...

so u knw me personally?
Abeg, I hv a rite 2 feel what every normal child feels o.

dew said...

well, some ppl aren't easy to miss out in a crowd. They stand out even when everyone else is dressed alike...and honestly, thats not to make your head swell!

Tolu Akanni said...