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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I want to think
I want to think deep
I want to reason
Reason out a new insight

I need something fresh
I need a new story to tell
I don't think stories are far-fetched
They aren't just dramatic enuf

I want to coin something philosophical
And feel great telling it to the world

So as I patiently await my insight
My story
My drama
My philosophy....

My pen bleeds
My ink drips

So it's more like as the 100days are rolling off, I'm getting better "pen-ing" my thoughts and I can't wait to know how good I'll be by the end of it all.


Watched my best soccer game this season today - Bayern vs Man Utd. Madddddddd game play from Bayer Munchen, i think I'm nw a fan, those guys are too much....as in english football is no match for german football, the gameplay is simply awesome!

Ibly moments b4 d match...sad I'd nt bin tellin bout my sis. shit happens...lol

Easter break cancelled officially n this stubborn boy wont just be in school, easter is meant for family, n family it will be. I have so much tied to my being home for this particular break, so I cant dull it. Gidi here I come!

My test today was awesome, really had my mind on it cos I wasnt ready 4 any pep talk wit my lecturer If I ddnt pass....al those tins that happen wen ure frnds wit ur lecturer. Its gon b anoda "A" course jare...kini big deal
But attendin lectures today wasnt funny at all o...almighty CU had electricity issues, so ther was power outage; everyone sweating was gettin smelly, it wasnt just comfortable.

So it rained again, I think (I was sleepin then, nt so sure if it rained or it was jst drizzlin) n I'm wondering hw the acid rain scare ended. Shey ppl now hv d skin cancer abi? Naija! we jst lik to trouble ourselves over irrelevancies, al those tins dnt jst find relevance in this side of the world; earthquakes, hurricanes, acid rain...cant work! God loves us too much :-D

I'm getting hungry and I'm again missing momc....thursday is lookin 2 far oh


24yearOldTeEnAgeR said...

Lol. I do read this regularly. So don't go "low self esteem" oh. Lol.

Juanita said...

hehe we just had one of those days (man u fan btw). lool acid rain?

dew said...

mehn! I was waiting for the right time to comment and now they've taken my spot!!!
oh well...really, really nice...please continue oh...this blog is a very great idea...
but pls why are you guys not going home? Did they give any reason?

Tolu Akanni said...

awwww...finally!!! 3comments on 1 post!
I'm excited, thanks guys!

@ Juanita, shows uve bin missin out on naija gist o, lots of ppl had dat info on their fcbk status last week nw.

@ Dew, u knw hw they roll nw..they didnt announce any reason