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Thursday, March 25, 2010


My only happy morning of the week when I don't have 8am classes, woke up surfing the net and trying to get my blog a new skin which didn't work out at the end of the day so I switched to Entourage.
Well Entourage makes sense, had to start watching em cos of the boredom of the first couple of weeks of the semester and just like any other fun series, u never let go until u watch em all. TV series is a big part of d CU lifestyle, we all have one or two that we follow from time to time. Tho I can remember the time I used to hate watching series, the time consumption was crazy and I didn't just feel the Prisonbreak hype then so I disliked TV series.
But gradually:
Everybody hates Chris
The Apprentice
Gossip girl
Ugly Betty
Prison break

I liked 'Everybody hates Chris' n 'Hustle' then cos there was no continuity in the sense that each episode had it's unique story, so there's no looking forward to one big secret that will be exposed in the next episode.

The Apprentice still remains my all time #1 Reality show, I can't begin to relate what things that show did to my intellectual capacity. It earned me new friends! First it was Martha Stewart's then I moved on to Donald Trump, Trump is just a fantastic guy! His "Think Big" lifestyle left me with so much to learn.
The Apprentice is one reality show I recommend to all readers, you'll enjoy urself all thru.

Gossip girl affair started during SIWES1, those crazy crazy days of boredom n suffering. SIWES1 ended up being a selfish plot to steal our 300lvl summer away from us, d cheap labour plot took them no where, no wonder it started and ended with our set. Nyz, Gossip girl, good drama, good story, great acts, excellent Chuck Bass!

Prison break: after so much beef for the excessive hype drawn by the show, I finally decided to try it out in their last season, Season4 n they did impress me quite good even though at some point I felt lik they were over-dragging it, I still very much like what they came up with. Fans say previous seasons were way better than the concluding season, but the energy to verify that - I don't have!

Class was fun today as anticipated, the class was plainly practical, didn't have so many complex theories to deal with like it's been all week long.

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