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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Great sunday for me!

Enjoyin the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit....Evangelism conference is doing me loads of good!

Its always sweet when ure in tune with God, things just happen to fall in line all of a sudden, burdens relieved, one's life gets more organised; and thats the key thing I'm enjoyin the most at the moment.

I'm getting more organised!

Fellowship with the Holy Spirit has kinda afforded me witht the opportunity to draw back n really reflect on one or two key things....and m happy with the results.

Its a lovely week ahead, looking forward to meetin more people, reconnecting with old friends n earnin more of life's happiness.

The tests I have (or I'm supposed to have) dont seem to be tops on my mind, aint just prepared....its easter week jor, let them free us on time, we need to be home in good time to enjoy family moments!