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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Got my ticket Mond Oct 17, 2005 and I spread my payment over 5 years. Flight schedule has it that I'm going to be taking off Friday, 2nd July, 2010. So as I sit down at the lobby with about 1,500 co-passengers, I'm awakened to the reality that the experiences of these 100days preceeding the flight is something worth recording.

I hope ure as excited as I am, it's gonna be a fun time telling the lobby experience

O100: I'm up late as usual working on the first chapter of my final year thesis. Thinking alongside on what how I wanna keep the memory of these 100days; the original vision was to write em al in journal, publish when I'm 50 adding to my records of bestsellers, get my family to auction the manuscripts when I'm dead- it sure should go for a billion dollars of more!
But I don't wanna risk losing my journal, so I'll just keep it up here where it's safe.
Thanks D.Mac 4 ur advice on this one.

0600: Today started with the traditional 5:30am TMC jogging, fun morning for some stressful...TMC sha happened

Evening chillin with Funso. Had a couple of heart 2 heart moments today which doesnt come quite often nyz.

Got money on my mind. Jaye preachin d nigerian dream again. D.Mac talkin business

Indomie's almost ready, got to split now


Tout à fait Bizarre said...

Did you plan to have this large follower-ship? Cause I am so luvin this blog!

Tolu Akanni said...

25 followers is small jare..lol

Tolu Akanni said...

n hw dd u get al d way 2 my 1st post???

Tout à fait Bizarre said...

I like to travel far and wide! Lol!