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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Another soccer evening, started Arsenal-Barca game with the intention of returning to this place to account on how terrible I think English football is.
But the never-give-up spirit of Arsenal has left me with an unusual impression. It brings memories of things I've give up on in this life, and believe me there are loads of em. Given up on hobbies, positive habits, plans n what hv u just cos I wasn't making headway.

Oh God! All these plans.
MASK was my baby, CU frustrated the vision of MASK. I had the best of human resources, finances were already building up, the concept was awesome, I was into it 100%
What would have been CU's best fashion show ever went crashing cos we just couldn't get approval! Fashion, Music, Poetry, Charity all in one night, I had attended the show in my head, my team was ready to kill it.....well "Time n Chance happeneth to them all"

Then again I remember those fantastic dreams we had for IT, the shows we was gon pull off, the links, the Lekki dream, the mega job, the company trips, presentations..on n on like dat.
Like today now, I was in class having side talks with Stef n Lekuche n I mentioned "beach house", n as soon as I dropped that word. I was off for minutes, building my beach house in my head, So I drew d imaginary plan of my beach house today......now it's nt possible for me to go to my grave without having a beach house! Mmmph......me n my thots, allow me. Lol

U know there's beauty in building ur world in ur head, they call it 'visionary thinking' or better still 'painting the big picture', it gives u something to look forward to. U need to be around me one of those moments when I'm thinking big n talking the big talk, u'll never figure I've been broke before but again that's life uno.
We learnt in philosphy class "corgito ergo sum"
The bible tells us "as a man thinketh..."
One statement that has been ringing in my head all thru this month is an excerpt from my mentor's note that reads "never assume ignorance"
"Never assume ignorance" reminds me of all the agency money I've chopped in this school; someone approaches u with a problem n quickly u go "I can solve this problem for a fee" then u go all out looking for who's got the solution, u find solution, offer it to the person in need n u get ur fair share of the pay that comes from it. And those that are ahead of me keep telling me that's how things roll out there in life, only it comes with different name tags like "project mgt" "agency"... see, ignorance is no excuse. U don't have to know how to use a computer to make money from a computer, so wha d hell is ignorance?

As the days roll by, having realised that I'll be earning loads of money from various fields in which I have 0% knowledge, 0% interest, I have to set out to know more people n know their interests. This lobby is filled up with loads of talented peeps, some with obvious interests n skills, some r so good yet they look ordinary/regular, some don't even leave u with a clue that they have any flight to catch.......
Hmnnnn.....there's still a whole lot to learn!


Juanita said...

Arsenal did quite well I suppose, coming up from 2 goals down. True though,"U don't have to know how to use a computer to make money from a computer"...I agree!

dew said...

In summary: I love this post!
but in long version; true talk...I'm so feeling this. So many things I had abandoned...I'm going back to those ideas and craze!
As for Arsenal...thank GOD! I'm happy...(I can't watch a match though...too scary!)
Hope to see MASK posters soon...

Tolu Akanni said...

Juantia, dew...Arsenal fans!! nothin 4 u guys on d long run. so enjoy dis while it lasts..lol

MASK posters? pls o...nothin off such nature til d blog wil b shut (91 days to go)

dew said...

So the MASK vision is over? You can always pursue it outside CU.