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Thursday, April 1, 2010



Home: the haven of the brave!

My 11am class was frankly interesting, for the first time we jointly came to a conclusion that we r just excellent cramers that know little or nothing when it comes to applying knowledge. Chill o, they say "Wisdom is the application of knowledge" so those this mean myself n my classmates lack wisdom? Chai **shake my head**

I forgot to mention that the class started with a 1st test that looks like the man won't mark cos we obviously banged it.

1430 - I feel great getting home finally! Leaving school came cheap, CU gate me n d security woman were just looking at each other, I didn't have to tell a lie. Canaan gate....ermmm..."I'm on IT" she looks at my old ID card n goes "o ok..u can go"

Getting home, momsy wasn't home so my welcome home lunch was delayed a couple of hrs....yummy, yummmy!!

With a freshly married brother n another bachelor bro who have moved out of the house, home arrangement has changed a gain with loads of items cleared out, it's clear age has taken its fair toll on us all.

Opening my wardrobe I see an usual nylon bag, open em up to see the contents......behold my 1st John Francomb shirt n I go "awwwwwwww....I've always wanted U"
It happens to be a gift from my look-alike cousin who's studying in Malaysia; of which talking about look-alike, that dude is a photocopy, right from when we were kids he could pass anyday anytime as my twin bro n we grew up with greater resemblance. I remember yrs back, say 3yrs or so, we were in our hometown for the burial of the only grandparent I knew, my maternal grandmother, my mom confused him for me once and then we decided to start pranking other family members...it was ril fun uno. Sadly, we r nt rly close like that but whichever way it goes, I'm happy he's living good n he did put a smile on my face.

Concept: FRANCHOME comes from getting my first Francombs on my 1st day at Home.


Juanita said...

I lie the "chew and poor concept" jor, although application..hehe really not my thing.Those shirts are fine!

Tolu Akanni said...

lol...not our thing too. We d best @ passin in dat my class. A final yr class that boasts of 20first class students out of 130 class total.

yea...my shirt's fine o! :-D