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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Gone are the days when the owner of ideas were the rulers of the world, we now live in an era that is being governed by those who act on ideas.

The eyes that look are many, but the eyes that see are few.

And the divine injunction says I will give unto you as far as thine eyes can see
Meaning prosperity is the lot of those who see, and abundant prosperity for those who see afar, it is not for onlookers.

"The future belongs to those who recognize opportunities long before they become obvious." - Restruct

All you need to succeed is already in you, causing it to find expression is at the mercy of ur sight.

What can u see?

Very few things happen to me by surprise, very very few!! There s almost nothing that has happened to me that is new to my inner sight, most times it s firstly a thought-experience and then a real experience.

I would have loved to bring up scientific facts to back up my point, but time will not permit me to do that. Well, in essence, I wanna remind y all that you can hardly feature in a future you can t picture.

Don t gaze
Don t stare
Don t look this week
Start seeing!!!