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Friday, April 2, 2010


So I stumble on these words today again n its al I can think about. its all I can talk about. They strike me n leave wit me a lingering impression

"The sooner you recognize and ♥ your imperfection and the fact that you are,on your best day, a fatally flawed mortal, living day to day by the grace of GOD, the sooner you will be happy"
- Ife Funsho-Fatobi

This is all I wanna learn today
This is all I wanna tell today

They are littered all around us
So conspicuous
Yet we believe we can suppress em

In a moment of truth
It feels good 2 b reminded am not perfect
It feels good 2 know perfection is but a bubble

It offers me a platform
A platform to forgive self
To forgive and to forge ahead



Ife, this is a big one 4rm u...I wish I knew what led to the utterance of these deep thoughts cos these are not everyday words. I have faith u'l tell me sha n I'l tel u sumtn in return if u do...lol

Stil to come: In the coming days I plan to talk about the people in my life, hw our frndshps got to be, what has kept it going n why I cant seem to let go off some people.
I wish I cld delve into my emotional life tho...it wil make this blog a lot more interestin, bt I'm stil havin double thots abt it...so enjoy wats on ground 4 now.