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Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Yayyy!!! It's been 2 weeks of fun, consistency n appreciable audience on my blog. I'm grateful to God n I thank u guys for ur support. It would have felt lik unnecessary blabbering if not 4 ur presence, thanks a bunch!!!

So wha do I have to offer today?? Lets see.....

I wrote many months back n I quote (n it feels cooooooool quoting myself)
"Gone are the days when the best of jobs are reserved for those with the best of grades, the tables have turned and now the best of jobs are reserved for those with best of friends"

This statement is not just limited to employment, it is equally applicable to other good things of life.

A friend laid his life for me this Easter n I dunno men....words can't express how I feel about d whole ish. As in.... I kept on looking at him in class today think deep on his good acts n I still can't figure out how best to pay him back.

Sacrifice; that is the true unit of measurement of friendship. How much r giving to the ppl u call ur frnds? Hw much can they draw from u?

0100 - It was nice talking to Buki, catching up on tins....awon fresh kids Texas. N just in case u c this, I still don't like u so live with it :-|

0200 - Got new episodes of my favorite British TV series, Hustle....nice learning one or two con stunts b4 I dozed off.

0800 - Classes again, gists, pictures (since my H.O.D surprisingly skipped his class)
For the first time this semester, I need to give academic-seriousness a big chance. I need to focus somehow wit my midterms fast approaching n with 5weeks of lectures to go.

1500 - Lunch, Nap

2000 - Had to witness d departure of d last English team standing in the league of champions. I'm beginning to enjoy soccer in a most unusual manner these days....d game is no longer as predictable as it used to be.
I love football arguments, as annoyin as they may be, it provides an easy platform 4 me to weigh ppl's intelligence....d concept of ppl arguing wit dates, facts n figures trips me n atimes I see some ppl argue so confidently n so passionately that I tell myself "he must work for me someday" lol

My days keep ending with this awkward "it could have been better" feeling, and I'm still not so clear as regards where it is coming from. But somehow, I think I know but I'll rather not just talk about it, not to self, not to anyone....it's just lying somewhere down there. I can assure u I'l dig it out soon


sweetness said...

Thank God for that ur friend
Sometimes friends become family

while those who were like family become strangers

About ur last posts, yeah we all unknowingly step on a toe or two
u did the right thing, apologise and move on

Nice to know ur weeks goin alright

Harry-Rami Itie said...

Hmmn... I should start chronicle my own Pre flight experience

Juanita said...

How I scramed when United messed up. Some friends are for keeps and I learnt that the hard way.

Tolu Akanni said...

@ Sweetness, thanks a lot. I understand u

@ Harry, I'l b waitin 4 ur Chronicles

@ Juanita, awwww..united fan. U might wanna write abt dat hard way sum day uno.