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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


0700 - U know one of those days when u just feel like a special being, those days when u feel like ure God's Child of the day. I had that as I woke up this morning.

1000 - So ppl that got out of school without exeats n all I see are sad faces all over, apparently loads of heads r rollin dis time. Quite unfortunate!

U knw those moments when u seem to be the only happy one, moments when u rly wanna shout n scream for the joy u have within, but u cant show cos d ppl around u r nt smiling. It seems like that's how I feel right now.

Well, I have to give thanks to God for making me pass thru this weekend unhurt n unscratched, it's no joke!!! I really appreciate God.

1500 - Classes were bearable today, treating myself to a good meal of Eba n Egusi felt rewarding kinda.

1800 - I wake up to do the expected - SHAVE!!!!!! arggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......I hate clean shaves!!

1900 - it's the Arsenal hour of departure from the league of champions
wha started out as an Arsenal vs Barcelona encounter turned out to be an Arsenal vs Messi encounter!

I've got loads of things to talk about but I can't afford to spill em here....I might not like the after effect cos they r deep sturvs n I'm not d only one at stake!

Just 2 days ago, a couple of sincere observations came in as regards my blog n I think I need to effect some changes, edit some things.
1. I'm sorry 4 using ppl's names without permission. I'ld tryna use characters in d coming days
2. I'm sorry for the typos, m mostly too lazy to proofreader!!

I'm sorry for any other 'mis-doings' I don't just like to think when I'm writing. Thinking kinda kills sumtin, so it's mostly heart to paper 4 me.


dew said...

oh mehn...so u r going to cut off one of my connections with the 9ja world?
Please!!! Hope its only character changes not the reality of the story :)

sweetness said...

hmm Arsenal

i wont even start
why is it like ur apologising for smthn in this post?

Tolu Akanni said...

@ Dew, dnt worry nt much will change

@ Sweetness, e ya...Arsenal fan!! d Nothing-tin cup wil b urs again..lol
Apologising abi? some nt too nice remarks were comin in nw n I stepped on A toe, so...

Mzsleek said...

so wat are you now tryna say huh?????? you should think you are really lucky....anyways hope you are alright????