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Saturday, April 24, 2010


One of those moments...I was thinking of what to write and before I knew it, I woke up hw many hours later n nw I cant help but go back to bed! so I must finish this in a hurry

Anyways, this saturday was a bit different from the regular ones, woke up to make some calls...needing my external links for one or two things, so I just had to do that.

Went for some ladies conference after much effort from "A" n "lil C" to convince me to make it down. It was more about them convincing me to come, what killed it was Love Oyedepo was one of the speakers of the day and I have always wanted an opportunity to hear Papa's children, and this one came on a zero-stress, free platform..so I had to take advantage of it.

What can I say? WOW!!! She's got it, exceptionally good. She didn't have to say too much for me to reach that conclusion; beautiful talk, classy delivery, was really impressed!

1700 - Clinic visitation. Had to pray in Yoruba again! Those people want to make me their yoruba minister..mscheww.
Had this funny talk with sum hosp sister whose name I didnt know and I couldnt ask cos her thinking was that I know everybody...lol. But all the same, I stil disappointed her, I guess, we had gone deep into our talk before I asked "xcuse me, are u in 400 level?" as in, it wasnt funny o..see small stature now, buh she claimed she was used 2 ppl doin dat alrdy..men, she looked 200!!

1900 - The hour that heralded all the crazy things that happened in the evening. Preety hilarious (if therz any word lik dat) stunts men!! so funny!! too funny I cant share. But I had fun.

Well not much story to tell.