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Sunday, April 11, 2010



It was a bit warm in the room
I was tensed
I was sweating

He was right there at the front
It was Mr Jack
I had nothing on my desk
Nothing but a blank A4 sheet

I picked my pen
And I penned down my ID details
I felt a slight tap
It was the guy behind me
He passed on d pile of papers

I picked one
And I passed d rest forward
I looked at the sheet I picked
Question 1 - unfamiliar
Question 2 - quite unfamiliar
Question 3 - total stranger

Maybe I'll know Question 4
I must know it
4 is my lucky number

But wait
There's no P.T.O after Question 3
But I still flipped
I flipped the sheet
And I wished I didn't

Where's my lucky number?
Where's the 4th question?
I looked at my A4 sheet
Just my student details
Nothing else
Oh!! I counted like 4 drops of sweat
4 drops? This is my moment of luck!
Oops! The 5th just dropped

Is there any way out?
I think I need to pray
That was spsd to be my 1st act rite?

Hmnnn...a word just dropped
2 sciptures
"call upon me(God) in the day of trouble"
"God created man in his own image"

That means I look like God
Femi in front of me looks like God
So I called upon the God in Femi

He knew Question 1
I trust that boy
I knew giving him coffee wasn't a mistake
Very studious boy

He settled Question2 as well
Efficiency 99%
WE were on Question 3
When Mr Jack beckoned
"Femi I want u here right now"!!

I need 70% minimum to clear this course
Lara behind me can't teach me this thing
She doesn't even look like God
Not my God!!
Wig of 4months...Ayanma
The mouth odour will erase my Answers 1 & 2 sef

This solution must come o
Left, right - no help
Can this be a fix?

I look within
This Question 3 still feels strange
I've seen it b4 now
Yes!! That past question booklet

Thank God I have the soft copy
So I reach for my iPod
It's my lucky day
20% remaining
I open the document
Ooooooo...wats d Ferari man doing here

He spends 10mins n he walks out
Mr Jack says 7mins more
Slide to unlock
I see 10% remaining
Ooo..that John guy n my car racing iPod app
This solution is long o

25lines or so
4 lines dubbed
Mr Joe appears
"U, lemme have it"
"have what Sir?"
"I say give it to me"
"Sir, it's my calculator"
"Are u tryin..."

"Time up!!!"
Mr Jack interrupts.
I should have left my paper blank
Am in one big pot of soup
"stand up I say" Mr Joe screamed

As I stood up the whole class burst out laffn
I was looking good as usual
So why the laugther
In a flash I realised
I was towering with at least 4feet above Mr Joe
So quick I forgot my calamity
And I had a hearty laff with my guys

"You fool he bellowed, u'll pay 4 this"
Slide to unlock
10% remaining
1st evidence
The lecture notes were on d screen
"Expulsion" he screamed

Pushed the Home button
On to the Music App
Goes thru my playlist
Artist - Asa
Song - Bibanke

I could hear the song playing
No earphones
No headphone
No speakers in my iPod

It was getting louder
Louder than normal
Bang Bang Bang,

Bang Bang Bang, Dim light
It was a new location
I had my head laid on my lecture note
Bang Bang Bang, someone at the door
Bang Bang Bang, "open, it's me"
So I opened
And it was roomie screaming
"Guy!! don't tell me u missed the test"


This was wat I came up wit as I was in Church 2day...just tryin out sumtin out of the regular. If u like what u just read, don't hesitate to leave comments.

"Each day I wake up in the morning and I realise I'm not on Forbe's top 100 richest, I rise up and I go to work"
-Dami Onabiyi


dew said...

ah Tolu!
hot! hot!! hot!!!...lemme go back to continue :)

yankeenaijababe said...

imao, this is serious o! I have to read the whole thing again, had a lot to say. Keep them coming, love it

phune said...

Absolutely creative... it got me hooked to the end with its utter suspense!

Juanita said...

lol, I thought it was true o. See me so. Not bad at all Tolu! :)

Tolu Akanni said...

Yayyy!!!!! I'm happy u guys love it :-D

@Phune: finally!! On d 19th day..lol
19 is my new lucky no

@Juanita: r u serious? Don't gawk o

@Yankeenaijababe: I hope dis spirit jumps on me sometime soon

@Dew: I'm feeling hot too oh.lol

Ehi Reme said...

wow bravo,,,,,,,,,,too mad, dis has inspired me

Ehi Reme said...

wow bravo,,,,,,,,,,too mad, dis has inspired me