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Thursday, April 8, 2010


Quite a solemn start for my perfect kinda day. Solemn as in quiet....it felt great waking up to spend time with God; it was just fun singing to him in worship, shedding tears in his presence, telling him how u feel with d understanding that He's d only one that can genuinely relate with ur innermost feelings. He's just awesome!!

My time in class was beautiful, my Thursday class is my #1 class this semester, d guy is my #1 lecturer.....so everytin was just sweet.

I woke up realising that today had to be a quiet day n I appreciate the fact that I maintained it that way; it's been getting too noisy around me these days, I've been hearing things I need not hear n cutting off was the perfect thing to do.

Lots of things jumped on me in my thinking moments today, a whole lot of stuffs!

"sow a thought n u reap an act, sow an act n u reap a habit, sow a habit n u reap a character, sow a character n reap a destiny"
Thoughts are very powerful!!!

My thinking pattern in recent times has been awkward kinda, I've found myself losing my empire state of mind, and when I don't think like a reigning champ, it kinda limits the kinds of feats I dare, it limits the heights I attain.

I've not been having intellectually stimulating challenges, I miss my reflective days when I sit to build towers, days when I think one or two concepts through n I just start typing proposals. (Hmmmnnnn....all these proposals I have on my system sef, God provide money o). Days when I sit to write speeches; the speech I'll deliver at conferences, seminars, launchings....

......But I think those moments r back kinda, thinking the impossible into possibility.
U know my bible says ".....as far as thine eyes can see...."
Philosophers say "Corgito ergo sum"

I'm not surprised I'm enjoying some priviledges today because most of them are things I thought through years/months back. My life has evolved to be a proof of the fact that very few things happen to u by surprise, every man is an architect of his own destiny.

My bible again says "Be it unto u according to thy word".
Words are the building blocks of life "And God said....and it was"
So I'm resolving to building bigger castles in my mind in the coming days, I won't stop talking about them. I'm not living large enough, I need to fix this!

84days more n I'm out of the lobby to board my flight, there's a particular brand value I want to attain n in a way I don't think I'm there yet; There are things I should know that I still don't know; there are priviledges I should be enjoying cheaply that I'm still not enjoying.
Gosh!!! I'm alrdy thinking some things that I shouldn't just talk about right now, I'm alrdy visualising some crazy tins.... but b4 my time at d lobby runs out, these things will speak.

Tolu, there's a particular realm u should be operating in
Ure not there yet
Find ur way up!!

Where I am right now is tooooooooooo far compared to where I'm going to.


I'm back from Prayer conference n all I can say is Nothing feels better than the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit. That phrase "sweet fellowship" rings in my head each time I'm in the place of prayer, n that's why I just can't help smiling when I'm praying. I feel most intelligent when I'm praying, I'm tripped by the fact that I could relate with the most intelligent being in the universe with no drawbacks; I feel like I have something to offer in the league of the super-intelligent.

Had a stroll wit Moyo on my way back from the conference, she's taking a teaching session at HSN 2mrw; hope I make it up early. I can't count top 3 females I respect in d lobby without her being mentioned...someone that stands out in her own class anyday anytime. Moments wit Mo always make sense; atimes I try to point out wha exactly makes her stand out, but uno some persons can't be summarised in one word.

I can't wait for 2mrw, I smell a powerful day ahead. Good night folks!!


dew said...

...write the vision, make it plain...

yankeenaijababe said...

Very thoughtful and inspiring, we are makers of our own destiny, not a lie. I love this.

You have a good weekend and glad you realized this early, stay blessed.

Tolu Akanni said...

thanks guys!! :-d