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Thursday, April 15, 2010



0900 - Funny how the early moments of the day was saturated with
hustling and all sorts of unrest over the submission of a term
paper....crazy crazy stress dat I don't wanna talk about; crazy, crazy
Summary: term paper completed, crappy piece submitted.

I must look for another day to discuss my hatred for having to do
assignments, term papers and all of that...they freak me out.

1400 - Had EDS practicals

I typed this on my iPod as I stopped by in cafe after my practicals:

The times r green
It means I can act
Green signifies life
Signifies an original order of life

I kinda like the joy it brings....

Sounds stupid rite? Take it like that? I dunno why I started it n I
can't picture what I had in mind as at then, but from experience it's
this kinda stuffs that I could just pick up on another day, add colour
to it and everyone loves it.

The point I'm trying to hit here is that, there are one or two
activities we engage in, one or two skills we acquire, and these
things really don't bring our way immediate relevance. Don't give up
on those things completely, they are just one of those things that
will help you to live a life of readiness, they are things that give
you the confidence that you're not a "one-way traffic" person, that
is, if what you're doing at the moment fails, there's a back up plan.
You know they say "there's no vacuum in life" so again just see it as
a profitable 'vacuum-filler'

2000 - Drama nite. Ermmmn...it made sense somehow, I loved their
rehearsal sessions yesterday and I was particularly tripped by the
stage setup - it reflected a great deal of professionalism - and that
was why I attended today, and even though I wasn't particularly
impressed, I wasn't disappointed either.

2200 - Nice D.Mac talk, I wonder why u came online so early today sef.
When I have more liver, I'll bring that our gist to blogsville.

2300 - I saw an inspirational quote on Facebook, and you'll see that
at the end of this post.
Speaking about inspiration, Fela Durotoye has announced on his
Facebook page that he'll be making it down to CU 2mrw...can't wait to
hear him!!

Looking forward to becoming one of the priviledged few to wake up
every morning to do what they love to do.