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Sunday, April 25, 2010



Happy Sunday to you all.

My Sunday was indeed a happy one.

Myself and my friends set out for 2nd service expecting another "3steps/5keys/7way to...." sermon, and the usual lengthy ones...but we were a bit shocked to see folk from the 1st service done by 9:15 and already on their way back to their halls. A wonder-filled sunday it must be, we all said to ourselves.

0925- On getting to Chapel, my Head of Hospitality (HOH) approached me and told me we were supposed to have a final year drama presentation for our meeting this evening...yeeepa!!....We did our bit, gathered enough peeps, had a lil brain storming session. No one really had any impromtu idea, so I popped up the concept we used in skye for our winning presentation...The Unusual show.

Its a talk show in which we discuss various controversial, objective and non-conclusive issues like governance, police, education, relationships....etc and then we have some crazy hilarious everyday adverts

We had our rehearsals for like an hour and then we joined them in the service.

Today's service was one of those ATM services that the Chaplain asks us to bring out our ATM cards for blessings....I've been doing that thing for a while now oh...but wait, I've not even checked my balance this time, so.....I'l get back to u guys sha

Chaplain also decreed 7huor miracle

1500 - My 7hour miracle came hours after the service, and my package was quite humble..Tantalizers fried rice + Chicken
As thankful as I was when it came, now I'm seeing a serious need for me to work on my faith o! What happened to the bigger things sef? lik 200k cheque, free summer trip offers....n u knw those tins..

1700 - Our presentation was off the hook!! The MC at our rehearsals didnt show up for the presentation, so I had to fill in for him and all that, but we still pulled it off smoothly.
Men!!! Taking up any role in that presentation involved dropping off ur pride o....buh we had to do what we had to do, we really said sick things mehn!!

1900 - S's birthday cake arrive n we al go crazy in the office over cake, cake....common cake...I ddnt dull sha, had 2 much of that sugar goin down my throat...lol

2000 - P arrived, we go in for Drama nite. Didnt watch any drama jare, jst gisting...nice hanging out with someone new

Its definitely a mad week ahead of me!!! loads of exciting stuffs coming this week....stay connected!


shyvirgo said...

seriously!!! u people bless atm??? na wa o.
y didn't they do it during my time, I could be a billionaire in shoes by now!!! never-ending flow of cash!
can't believe i'm missing it all sha :(

Tolu Akanni said...

E ya..that means u never met Pastir Ntia. Blessings ATMs is one sure part of his ministry.
Receive ur own remotely!!!