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Saturday, April 17, 2010



0600 - Woke up so early on a rainy saturday just cos of my 8am test that went well.

1738 - So I've got some idle 22mins to sit down and write, and even though I'm lost kinda or beta still clueless as regards what I want to write on. I still feel writing.

So in my nothingness I crave to create something. I think I'ld just spend the time dwelling on a couple of thoughts from my subconscious. Did I just make it sound like I was just gonna take a lucky dip into a jar called the mind, bring out one out of the many thought packets, open its contents and read/write out what's on it? Seriously, did I just create that impression? Because if I did that means I just got it all wrong.

Hmmnnn...matters of the mind, let's look through it again, this time more closely.

The Jar
We all have one in us, every human being has a Mind!

The Content
Life is dynamic, or better put, living is dynamic. Every minute, every second, every microsecond, something is altered; and with every act or activity, I believe an impression is created.

The Thought packet
This impression is the thought packet. With every experience, a new packet is dropped in our jar. With every new impression that the lines/words of this piece ure reading, a new packet is created and dropped in the jar. Loads n loads of packet u can imagine, ermmm...I rly can't tell if it is the packets that are so small that they could fit into this one jar or whether the jar is so big that it can take in these packets of various shapes and sizes.
Again I picture the jar in such a way that the thoughts that are fresh in our hearts are at the top of the jar and the irrelevant/less-bugging ones are at the bottom of the jar.

The Dip
Taking the dip is what we most times refer to as "mind searching"
Once in a while when we attempt to tell people what's on our mind, we take this dip. Atimes we reach for the fine, smooth, regular shaped ones - which is always the case anyways. On other occassions we go for the rocky, irregular packets.

The Contents
This is where I'm really heading to, most time than often we can't just let those raw contents out to the listening pleasure of those we r conversing with....cos of so many reasons we attempt to edit what we voice out
Could be cause u don't trust them
Could be because one packet is linked to so many other packets n it's jusr that one packet u wanna let out at that time

Could be because they r just too deep and they may never get it
Could be because u just wanna keep them in suspense by saving it for some other time

It's 1800 alrdy, I promised I'll stop when it clocks....

1800 - Pen bleed ceases.

1830 - I'm spending the evening wit Omogeblack, so we head to new cafe so I can watch Chelsea's game.

So basically I'm here sitted with this El Fiz of a guy that has forced me to come watch Chelsea lose .... Lol gosh it's fun to see him disappointed. So instead of sitting to dull myself I've decided to feature myself Omoge black on the el fiz blog ... Soooo wat do I wanna talk about? Wish lists... Have u ever wondered y they r called that? Well because no one really expects them to be fulfilled... as for me I choose to be different. I've created a wish list which I should say rift about here that I've cried over already and I dare say that he differnce btw ur wish list and mine is the pure fact that I totally 100 percent refuse to sit on my arse N watch the list gather dust it mustn't... I'm soooo determined to gt wat I want out of life that I don't care how hard I have to work to get it done! you see to me my wish list is my life not necessarily d things on the list but I lok at it as a kinda analogy for all the struggles I'm facing m gonna face... thanks Tolu dear for the opportunity to be bored n play with ur pod. U no wat? I'll send u my wish list so u can help me fulfil my dreams...that's the way life is there will always be people to show ur wish list to why? So they can help u fulfil your dreams n thus be a part of ur life....


2200 - After watching Chelsea lose:-(, Chillin wit CDS dinner crew as they kicked off their dinner that looked like it would suck, foregoing the opportunity to chill wit Timi Dakolo cos of our impatience, striking a business deal with some rich dude, building more concepts for A-Z, evening wit d poet n the fresh coded tins that r on board.....summary is d evening made sense. I'm smiling!!!


yankeenaijababe said...

Happy you are smiling , your friend's team lost, poor dude! I love soccer sometimes but not addicted to it that I get angry if they lose, hope you enjoy ur weekend.

Tolu Akanni said...

Thanks, I sure did. Ermmm..I think u mixed up the story kind of, it was my team that lost. :-|