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Friday, April 16, 2010


Hi Guys!
I have a test for 8am 2mrw so I can't talk much tonite.

Fela Durotoye made it down today and I was glad to be a part of it. I'ld have loved summarize his speech, but time!!!!...so I leave u with excerpts from my sermon note.


"This is not the time to be motivated. I am not a motivational speaker, I came as an alarm clock to awaken u to how important ur time is."

There are 3 generations that have come to this part of generation
1st. Generation of liberation.
Those who understand that they could be successful by sticking to their occupation, but can be great by applying their career to national transformation. Transcending the box of career n helping to fulfill the purpose of their generation.

U can't leave the golden streets of heaven where u are walking on gold to now come to the earth to pursue that same Gold u were treading on in the streets of heaven. Your purpose has to be bigger than education, bigger than certificates.

•The whole reason for coming to the earth is dominion -Genesis

•The end of the matter is that "we shall live as kings and princes n shall reign over all the earth" - Revelation.

King + Domain = Kingdom

That is every king has a domain n if u step outside ur domain u become vulnerable to anything.
It is not the absence of a king that makes a prince become a prince. Everybody is a prince.

Since nature abhors vacuum, the prince that won't stay in his domain will soon be replaced by a fool. A fool is someone who does not learn from his mistake.
That you are called a king is not an acronym, whether u have ascended to the throne is where the question is.

Whenever u ascend ur throne n u speak, that thing u say becomes a legislature.

Golden handcuffs can look like bangles.

"The best time to plant a tree is 20yrs ago, but the next best time is today." - Chinese Proverb
Ur disguise is called now, ur reality is called the future.

Poem: My name is ur potential

In 20 yrs time I need u to have 20yrs of experience in ur field. U need darkness to appreciate light, so don't complain about Nigeria. The value of the nature of a man is determined by the vacuum that his absence creates.

Ttyl guys. Nite!!