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Thursday, April 22, 2010



He had this oversized coat on, pink shirt, random tie, button down collar, and some ID badge hanging on his coat. Light rays were falling on the lens of his glasses making it impossible for me to see the colour of his eyes.
He had the attention of an audience that filled the large hall to three quarters, well maybe not a large hall, but he had an audience of 100. They all focused on him with rapt attention, there was no artificial auditory system, yet it was obvious his voice was heard by all without him having to shout at the top of his lungs.

But I couldn't hear his voice

He must be making so much sense I pondered, cause everyone had something to write. I noticed some people taking occassional glances at the pages of the notepads of those seated next to them just to make sure they don't miss out any word. I'ld love to know, what is the main catch? Is it the ambiguity of the words he spoke (cause I could see him spelling out some words on the white board before him), the sense in the words he spoke, or both the words themselves and the sense in them?

I'm sitted right in the middle of the hall meaning I have more people in front of me than I do behind me.

All of a sudden I ask myself what I was doing with this iPod in my hand, I looked at the table before me and I find a piece of paper with my handwriting on it, my biro placed on the paper. Oh! U mean I was writing?

So I compare my note with my neighbour's
He had diagrams I didn't have, loads of paragraphs that were missing from mine.

Suddenly his voice became audible
It was me daydreaming in class again!

that was yesterday's story

Momma was around today!!!! Was good hanging out with her loads of great stuffs going on at home....joy, joy, joy.

I had a conversation with a particular person today and as simple as our talk might have been, I left that discussion with an unusual level of impact. U know life is just funny, we have all we need around us and most times we don't realize they are there until it's too late.
The people we really don't value turn out to be the most valuable and the ones we value turn out to be random average peeps. There's no particular code for getting a good hold on how this value thing works anyways, but I feel u just have to remain open minded to get it right.

Again it's funny how we talk but yet we don't talk. Most times we just find out that we really don't know the people we 'think' we are in constant communication with. Well it happens cause we really don't understand communication, or maybe we do but we refuse to tap into it. In essence, as we're in these concluding days I'm seriously avoiding that talking and no talking...looking and not seeing.

Weekend starts already, looking forward to doing some serious writing this weekend...haven't done that in a long while.