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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hi guys!

Yesterday night was crazy...my blogger homepage refused to open, my blogger chrome upload app didnt work, kept refreshing at diff times thru the nite, bt no luck...Anyhoos, its great to be back now!

Yesterday was cool.
0800 - All my days have been starting well this week, went for a regular Tuesday morning service, but it ended up not being of the regular ones. The Chancellor graced it with his presence and his teaching on Personal Responsibility was yet another awesome one, it was 50mins of fun and impact!

He dropped loads of funny lines that was just cracking me up badly, but the unique thing about him is that even his humour comes with an underlying lesson.

In sharing his experience on how his eyes opened to the need for a man to be a man for himself he talked about how a particular encounter in his father's house led to his enlightening on the fact that their is a difference between "our house" and "my house"

"our house, my house....true o!"

I sure do need to define when I'm leaving my father's house sef. But, its school for now jare!

1000 - Classes...ok

1400 - Classes ended. Then I had to chill for 2 long hours for some seminar with some dude on the postgraduate programme of University of Birmingham.

1700 - Going for that prog was indeed a waste! Nothing sensible...conclusion is I simply dislike anything that has to do with the school.

2000 - Business meeting wit D.Mac. We had to discuss the future of A-Z. Final edit, launching, sales, marketing and all...loads of fresh ideas came in.
So now I'm out in a quest to get one or two of my mentors to author a couple of pages in the book.

There's too much energy in me these days, and I'm trying to figure out what me is up to....

This is all I can remember about yesterday o...catch ya l8r 2nite!
"Responsibility is not just the prize of success, it is the MARK of success." - Dr. David Oyedepo