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Thursday, April 29, 2010



0525 - Woke up early to set out for my early morning meeting. Decided to close my eyes for 5 more minutes, and that was the end of the outing.

0745 - Up again, listened to some mp3s to get inspiration from the words of my mentors.

1100 - Class was hell today men! Can't even talk about it....the lecturer, the test, the lecture....argghhhh!!!!

So we heard 100 n 200level students tried to mess with the Chancellor, and its quite unfortunate...school's gonna be hot again for a couple of days/weeks.

1700 - In readiness for the heat, I finally had to shave!

1800 - Spent quality time gisting with God..quite refreshing!

1920 - I spoke with FD's PA 2day and things are lookin promising from that end.

2000 - Went to library hoping to get inspiration for the loads of pending articles I need to write for 2 different magazines and some farewell ish..I've been delayin those things for too long now...so I run into L.B and that was the end of writing o...so she treated me to some quality gists till library closed..lol...nice time!

Jst got back 4rm my graphics guy, front cover is hawt!!!! ouch! e bad gan!

I'm speaking by 5:30am in the morning, no concrete notes yet..hmnn....God dey!

"You cannot enjoy true riches until you are faithful. Faithfulness is the ability to inspire trust in God so that God knows that anything he passes through you will not get stuck in you. You need to assure God that you are a channel, not a bucket."