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Wednesday, April 21, 2010



I actually wrote a 4line poem for my mum..dnt have it here its on my iPod
And there's this short story I wrote in class today(which is supposed to be the main post of the day) as I was daydreaming, cant upload that neither cause it's on my iPod. Well, my iPod happens to be one of my best friends, always there to listen when I talk..and did I ever mention it that I'm getting the new iPad? Well, I just did. I would have by friday night, so if you wanna have a feel of what the iPad looks like, I'ld be glad to share mine with you.

I just finished with the graphics guy working on my book and we are 95% done...and men, my eyes are teary right now, looking at how much progress has been made. Really, my life is about to change and that thought comes with a mixed feeling, a blend of that silent fear and the wave of excitement...

This post should be edited by dawn when I locate the guy with my iPod.

This day means a whole lot to me, my mom is the bestest in the world, she believes in me more than any other person alive....whenever I remember the compassion in her eyes anytime we have our "moments", I always tell myself I'm the luckiest son on earth...I just hope I love her as much as she does, cause she got loads of love for me.

I don't know if it is safe to announce that she's coming around to see me tomorrow, please if you're in Daniel Hall and this piece of information gets to you, maybe its time to be rewarded for following my blog...the meal will be badddddd, don't miss out.

@ Dew, where art thou? I've missed you


dew said...

lol!!! I was about to comment once I saw the topic but decided to read first.
Happy birthday Ma!!!!
I've refreshed this page for an hour checking for the new update! Finally it arrives...
thanks :)

Tolu Akanni said...

awww...so uve been around!
Gud gud...

dew said...