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Monday, April 19, 2010



I'm filled up!!
Like seriously to the brim! Tonite is one of those nites I have so much to talk about that I feel like updating two blogs, dropping a note on Facebook, n them drop something for the mags to publish. How far I can go with this rush, we shall see.

0700 - Woke up with my head heavy, I guess it's cos I slept angry that graphics work for my book is not yet done n it's 27days to the launch already.

1100 - First class of the day was quite informative, my 2nd best lecturer 4 d semester so......couldn't have been dulling.
2nd class was not as terrible as I had anticipated, but I had already closed my mind to learning before the class so.....no new knowledge acquired.
Thank God I uploaded some Leke Alder PDFs on this iPod this morning, so I was just having some intellectual moments with my mentor.
Had to sleep when my eyes started getting heavy....I've not done the head-on-the-table sleeping this semester, but I don't think I really had a choice.

1200 - While sleeping, I receive a tap and it's a small note labelled "Tolu Akanni". I open em up.....
Tolu! You are sleeping in class, is that what you will put on your blog tonite?

I'm scribbled something in reply sha...can't remember again. That Stef is just a naughty girl jor.

1215 - Some funny discussion paper was being passed round as regards thoughts/concepts for our graduation dinner. I was happy to add to the message thread....some funny convo we had there.
I'm thinking a buying a notebook for such purposes oh...."EIE DISCUSSION FORUM.....where the intellectuals lounge"
And speaking about notebooks...I've not copied the note that lecturer asked me to copy oh!! Temptation to lie tomorrow already hanging right from this night....God have mercy!

1300 - The 2nd lecture already drained my energy so much that I couldn't just wait for my 3rd 1hour lecture. But we thank God, he didn't show up!

My lowest or should I say saddest moment of the day was at this hour. Someone approached me to let me know she's not been happy with me for (365 - 27)days now and......
You need to have been there to feel my pain. She said I never said thank you to her for honouring her invite to my birthday party! And mysteriously, she kept on using "me" and "us" interchangeably, so.....I don't even know if it's a "her" thing or more toes have been stepped on.
So tonite, I don't know who I've not sent my appreciation to. If you are one, I say a very big thank you to you for honouring my invite. God bless you. I'ld be glad to host you in another 27days.

Come to think of it, only a few people know that particular birthday was a mega sad one...I don't even want to remember it sef.

So I head to CST with RESTRUCT to see Omoge black to have one of those occassional idea moments. It went on well...really cool.
We discussed a variety of issues and I'm looking for where to share some of the contributions I dropped in our little gathering.....not every platform is right, it will sound like I'm up to something when I'm really not, if u know what I mean.

1500 - I'm with my graphics guy and a concept just came for Chapter Q, that page is maddddddd!!! I can't wait for this book to be out o...God has started dropping fresh concepts for my 2nd book sef.

1600 - I finally get the much needed hair cut...lol. I feel human now.

2000 - I have a diary delivered to me. Diary as in someone's journal, it's off the hook. Of no doubts it's a bestseller material if it gets published. I think I just launched El Fiz Publishing.

2155 - As I'm sitted in Chapel rite now, Ada comes around to say hi and invite for me a programme this weekend and she goes "I saw ur A-Z of CU, Oyinloye and stuffs...and I loooove it!"
Mo da ron!!! Ahhh!!!! I'm scared o. Publishing that piece on the Internet was a mistake now, to now think that someone has that implicating material in print is way craaaaaazy!!
God, Please see me through oh! 73days to go.

2204 - I'm going back to my hall. I need somewhere else to pour my overwhelming thoughts.

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